Mary Lewis

actress mary lewis murdoch mysteries

Multiple-award winning actress Mary Lewis is a glowing example of an impeccable Canadian thespian. In one of the most riveting performances as a villainess on television, Mary showcased her unerring range as a guest-star on the “Murdoch Mysteries” episode ‘A Study in Pink’. “Murdoch Mysteries” have seen some of the most mesmeric femme fatales and Mary’s portrayal as the nefarious Mrs Murphy ranks highly in the fascination stakes. The women gracing “Murdoch Mysteries” always have a moxie about them and their entanglements with William Murdoch makes for great viewing.

They can be rather vindictive as in the case of Mrs Murphy who has an animosity towards Murdoch’s friend and amateur sleuth Winifred Pink (Alex Paxton-Beesley). Mary adeptly transforms herself from motherly figure to spiteful killer with the straight razor in hand, a female Sweeney Todd incarnate.

Mary has also been on “Republic Of Doyle” and appeared on the big screen in the romantic comedy “Relative Happiness”.

Here’s Mary talking about her role in “Relative Happiness”:

My role in Relative Happiness was the part of Cynthia – the mother of the main character. Strange to be playing mother to people who feel more like contemporaries but age is a state of mind, especially in the movies. The movie is a comedy but I had a number of dramatic scenes – a funeral scene for instance – and more. It was a lot of fun. I come from an acting background and acted primarily for years but then moved into filmmaking in the late nineties and that has been more my focus since then. But i love when roles come my way such as the one in Relative Happiness

With her talents extending beyond the screen as an established director/writer, we can’t wait to see what Mary has in store for us in the near future. Do visit the Mary Lewis Official Site for more updates.

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