Simone-Élise Girard

actress simone-elise girard boris and beatrice

Her unparalleled exquisiteness is a magnet for ardor and the elegant Simone-Élise Girard did indeed illuminate the year 2016. She starred in “Boris Without Béatrice” as the titular Béatrice, a MP of the Canadian government who seems to suffer from an unknown ailment that has left her bedridden. “Boris Without Béatrice” garnered a wave of attention at the prestigious Berlinale with performances that are refined in its subtlety yet abundant in its nuances. Simone is an absolute muse onscreen as the afflicted wife whose husband Boris Malinofsky (James Hyndman) is struggling to come to terms with her wife mysterious condition. A voice in his head in the form of a diminutive stranger tries to offer him salvation in light of his callous treatment towards his wife which include having affairs with 2 of her caretakers.

If you’re looking for the glorious sirens of arthouse cinema, one has to acknowledge the delicate poise of Simone whom Montreal auteur Denis Côté so decorously cast as one of the central characters of his special film. Simone deftly crafts the passive melancholy of Beatrice even sans dialogue which speaks greatly of her virtuosity as a storyteller. There’s a natural effervescence in Simone’s appeal which would install her as a Canadian actress to be smitten with in 2017 and beyond. She is also capturing the world’s attention on television with recurring roles on 2 shows namely “Unité 9” and “This Life”.

actress simone-elise girard this life

In “Unité 9”, she starred as Judith Carpentier, a woman who is incarcerated in Unit 9 of Lietteville a federal penitentiary for women. She had been charged with reckless driving under the influence of alcohol in the series that paints a much harsher look at prison life as compared to “Orange Is The New Black”. Simone also appears in “This Life” as art gallery owner Alexis whom Oliver Lawson (Kristopher Turner) brazenly imposes on her with his art project. She of course responds in kind in the most apathetic way, leaving Oliver perplexed. Even more so when he seems to be stalking her! A polished entertainer in both English and French productions, she also has an immaculate warmth which I’m sure her fans value with adulation. She is the personification of all that is enthralling when it comes to Canada’s finest female talents. Simone has compellingly left an indelible impression with her work on film and television so there’s every reason to idolize her for years to come. The vivacious Simone is definitely one of my screen heroines.

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