Vanessa Cloke

actress vanessa cloke the walking dead

The year might be coming to a close yet enticing actresses such as the endearing Vanessa Cloke are leading a passion movement well into 2017. With “The Walking Dead” introducing the infamous Negan to rapturous response, Vanessa herself has a recurring role as Anna who while initially a thieving Alexandraian becomes a carer of Judith Grimes. Let’s hope AMC expands her backstory as she’s quite the enigma in the comics which you can read here. Anna is involved in several confrontations within the canon of “The Walking Dead” leading up to the eventual massive battle with The Whisperers. Vanessa exudes the relatable essence to essay this woman who would become a significant part of the journey Rick Grimes is on.

Besides appearing alongside Jessica Lange on “American Horror Story”, Vanessa will be in the upcoming supernatural series “The Fallen” which stars Kevin Nash, the famed WWE Wrestler. On the big screen, she will reunite with Kevin in the horror flick “Slaw” which tells of 2 brothers who are foodies exacting bloody torment on those ruining their dining experiences. Vanessa is also notable for her scenes with heartthrob Christian Bale as Lucy, a Goldman Sachs sales rep in “The Big Short” which was a critically acclaimed hit movie. With her sexy, ever so slightly husky voice which has a tone akin to say Sophia Bush, Vanessa is a sweetheart to adore.

actress vanessa cloke the big short

Come January 2017, she’s also doing stand-up comedy so if you want a barrel of laughs, be sure to check her out at The Comedy Store by getting the tickets here. Her artistry also extends to directing and producing which amps up her desirability. Just like “The Walking Dead”, the lovely Vanessa Cloke is destined to be a hit.

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