Rachael Perrell Fosket

actress rachael perrell fosket the librarians

Starting the New Year with a bang is all about admiring the appeal of wonderful enchanters such as Rachael Perrell Fosket. She guest stars on “The Librarians” in the episode “And the Curse of Cindy” and illuminates 2017 as the charming Cindy Kroger who has the world at her feet thanks to a magical love potion. Love is what 2017 should be all about although as Cindy, she takes it a little too far with her plans to launch a love missile and it’s up to The Librarians to halt her passion movement. Cindy even has a worship statue and Rachael essays her cult-like status with a simmering vulnerability even though she has the bewitching hold on people, all except Ezekiel Jones (John Harlan Kim).

It is the solitude that Cindy bottle up inside that sees Rachael in her element as her dramatic chops come to the fore. “The Librarians” might be lightheartedness at its core but there are moving moments that audiences should invest in and Rachael is indeed a driver of vivid storytelling. She is after all a multiple-award wining actress most notably for her role as Lillian in “Death On A Rock”. She’s a scene stealer as the young woman with a debilitating illness who accepts her mortality in the most remarkable manner. Couch potatoes would be familiar with Rachael as she played a Wesen on “Grimm” and can be seen on “Hawaii Five-O”. 2017 is a huge year for Rachael as she’s slated to appear in the star-studded drama “Lean On Pete” alongside Travis Fimmel of “Vikings” fame, Chloë Sevigny and Steve Buscemi.

actress rachael perrell fosket the librarians

The fetching Rachael is also the lead of the heart-wrenching film “Emily” as her character agonizes over the breakdown of her marriage amidst her husband’s own crisis of faith. She also stars in “The Brain That Wouldn’t Die”, a surreal sci-fi horror comedy which sees her as the recently deceased Jan Compton whose head is revived by her fiancee, the transplant surgeon determined to find a body for her. The world is about to be mesmerized by the exceptional talents of the stirringly endearing Rachael.

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