Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 2nd January 2017

Summer Spiro in “If Looks Could Kill”

actress summer spiro if looks could kill

– The delectable Summer Spiro sizzles as the femme fatale Jessica in “If Looks To Kill” as her dark past threatens policewoman Faith (Stefanie Estes) who is troubled by Summer’s liaison with her ex boyfriend.
– Shades of Marilyn Monroe and L.A. Confidential’s Kim Basinger is evident in Summer’s portrayal of the icy blonde with a lust for killing and who herself evokes an entrancing appetence in those around her.
– Regularly acclaimed for her sparkling work on the theatre scene, she’s an astute performer with the ability to channel the integral facades of her onscreen work while tantalizing us to want more.

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Erica Sweany in “It Had To Be You”

actress erica sweany it had to be you

– Erica stars in the comedy “It Had To Be You” as Anna, the married girlfriend of protagonist, Sonia (Cristin Milioti) who gets cold feet at the prospect of her boyfriend’s impending marriage proposal.
– Effortlessly adorable, Erica’s chemistry with Cristin is a highlight of the film, reeling in audiences with her genuine take on Anna, the woman who is the support system for her friend’s love conundrum.
– She is an award-wining Broadway talent who is described fondly as having an angelic singing voice as well as being an entrancing dancer. Erica’s also worked alongside Tony Award receipient Kristin Chenoweth.

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Marah Fairclough in “My Crazy Sex”

actress marah fairclough my crazy sex

– Don’t miss the gorgeous Marah in the new series “My Crazy Sex” as soon-to-be married Marsha whose best friend hooks up with a guy at the reception leading to a rather sticky situation involving raspberry sorbet in bed.
– With her vivacious features, Marah is a delight as the bride-to-be who has no inkling of the salacious intentions of her friend. She’s a vision of poise and plays off her cast mates with a pleasant affectation.
– Genre audiences will remember Marah as the mesmerizing yet fearless Sleeping Beauty who has the power of leaving her enemies in slumber with a wave of her hand in the indie fantasy flick “Avengers Grimm”.

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Lili Baross in “My Crazy Ex”

actress lili baross my crazy ex

– Lili Baross is a bona fide screen temptation who came to our attention in the indie film “Hansel vs. Gretel” playing the titular Gretel and threading the duality of good and evil with captivating effect.
– It’s no surprise that she’s the seductive focus on the 4th season of “My Crazy Ex” as Megan, the woman who introduces complications into the life of her ex Woody by offering his current partner Annie a job at their firm.
– With her penchant for action-oriented roles such as the one she took on as an assassin in the sci-fi short film “Technopolis”, we can’t wait for the stunning Lili to embrace the mantle of heroine once more.

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