Mary Rachel Gardner

actress mary rachel gardner fauk my life

Championing appealing new faces in 2017 is a gift and the adorable Mary Rachel Gardner is ready to attain our warm approval. She stars in the web series “Fauk My Life” as Kaitline who while being the best friend of rising basketball star Amy Rising (Monique Sypkens) is also Amy’s fiercest competitor. With the trailer of “Fauk My Life” now on IMDB, there’s going to be traction for Mary as audiences get to connect with this sweetheart. “Fauk My Life” delves into the layered relationships of the 2 women that’s fraught with challenges and the insecurities of life. There’s even a brimming romance brewing between BFFs Amy and Kaitline giving us a glimpse into love that sometimes materializes when we least expect.

Blessed by her Greek heritage, Mary has the breezy Mediterranean charm that flourishes whenever she’s onscreen. She’s certainly suited to playing the love interest and likewise Mary’s genial facets will find a string of admirers off camera.

actress mary rachel gardner sizzling cutie

She is also the founder of Kalliste Zoe Productions which is dedicated to producing original engaging content and how many of us can say we’ve achieved such a feat so major kudos to Mary’s enterprising spirit. For those who can’t get enough of Harry Potter related media, check out Hufflepuff: A Harry Potter Rap Parody (above) where she plays a Slytherin among some Hufflepuff ladies with quite the major attitude. Mary has acknowledged that she gets a buzz entertaining audiences and with such glowing talents as well as drive, she’ll rapidly be regarded with affinity as the apple of our eyes.

Do visit the Mary Rachel Gardner Official Site for the latest updates.

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