Delaina Mitchell

actress delaina mitchell shooter

An appealingly versatile talent, Delaina Mitchell has garnered a semblance of respectability both on film and television. She has a recurring role on the high-stakes action series “Shooter” as Anne whose sister Julie Swagger (Shantel VanSanten) finds out her husband has been blamed for an assassination attempt on the President. He is of course Bob Lee Swagger (Ryan Phillippe) who takes over the framed Marine character made famous by Mark Wahlberg on the big screen back in 2007. In this week’s episode ‘Red On Red’ as Anne, she has a heart-to-heart talk with Julie culminating in an emotional farewell.

Known for her expressiveness on screen, Delaina has an effortless chemistry with Shantel, shining in the empathy of the benevolent woman who has always been looking out for her little sister’s welfare. In 2016, Delaina has already made eye-catching appearances on “Rosewood”, “The Young Pope”, “Scandal” and “Criminal Minds”. Evidently it was her emotionally wrought performance as Eileen Woods, a mother who takes revenge on her daughter’s kidnapper on “Criminal Minds” that enhanced her stature as a screen siren to be keenly admired. Roles as the astute reporter Leslie on “Scandal” and as Mia Barnes, a sensitive bohemian on “Rosewood” further expanded her ever-growing following.

actress delaina mitchell screen sweetheart

On the big screen, Delaina has been lauded for her entertaining work on “Inherent Vice” assuming a more authoritarian edge as Mrs. Chastity Bjornson, the wife of ‘Bigfoot’ Bjornson (Josh Brolin). “Inherent Vice” is of course directed by celebrated auteur Paul Thomas Anderson who encouraged the spirit of improvisation which Delaina and the cast excelled at. Delaina’s mesmerizing presence on television is quickly affirming the world is embracing her with adoration.

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