Idyllwild Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Roxanna Kaye

actress roxanna kaye idyllwild film festival 2017

Film Festival Fever is now firmly entrenched in our hearts thanks to mesmeric actress Roxanna Kaye who is the leading lady of the short film “From Here” which screens at the Idyllwild Film Festival. She stars as Laura, a small town girl seeking clarity in her life after the death of her younger brother. Roxanna is also the co-writer/executive producer of this melancholic opus about a young woman at the crossroads in her life. Does she retreat to the comforts of home or find solace in the arms of a rebellious girl from one town over? Laura’s uneasy relationship with her stringent mother Gayle (Leslie Stevens) is fertile ground for conflict with Roxanna adeptly depicting the uncertainties of the road ahead for Laura. The Idyllwild Film Festival is consistently lauded as one of the must attend indie film fests and the 2017 Edition is set to sparkle thanks to praiseworthy women of the screen such as Roxanna.

actress roxanna kaye from here

Take a look at her reel (above) for a scene of Roxanna in “From Here” and be taken in by her luminous charms. It might be in the short form format but you’ll be transfixed by the beautiful Roxanna who will undoubtedly be a vision of fascination. She and her writing partner Adam Finley did win the Best Screenplay award at the Los Angeles New Wave International Film Festival last year which is a showcase of her budding talents. The seeds of passion for Roxanna are indeed being sown seeing how she’s emerging as a muse of independent cinema.

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