Rising Starlet: Riley Beres

actress riley beres rising starlet

The most charming young actresses are ascending as figures of adoration and the multi-talented Riley Beres is primed to captivate the world. She’s appearing in the 3rd Season of “Bosch”, the remarkably textured and acclaimed police procedural series that will have us binge-watching.

She also happens to have those luscious brows very much akin to Hailee Steinfeld which should win Riley a wave of admirers. While the new season of “Bosch” hasn’t yet premiered on Amazon, here’s Riley talking about her recurring role as well as her thoughts on intriguing female characters on television.

1. You are slated to be on the 3rd Season of “Bosch”. Could you give a tease of your character?

Yes! I am so excited to be a part of the new season, it is such an awesome opportunity. The best way to describe my character would be that I am the main character’s daughter’s best friend. In other words, for people who have seen the show, I am Maddie’s best friend.

2. Did you get to work with Titus Welliver and what were your most memorable moments on the show?

I did get to work with Titus Welliver, and he is so nice. Everyone on set was so welcoming and made the experience just that much better. My most memorable moment was probably putting on my wardrobe for the character on set; that’s when it felt real.

actress riley beres bosch season 3

3. TV has become the go-to medium for entertainment in a big way. What would you like to see more of when it comes to female characters?

TV has truly widened the horizon for actors in that there is a myriad of shows, all with their own style and variety of characters to play. The innovative TV shows that are out now I feel have given female actors more opportunities to play interesting, out-of-the-box characters. I really appreciate the female characters found in “Jessica Jones,” “Jane the Virgin” and “Agent Carter,” “Scandal” and “How to Get Away with Murder,” to name a few. Strong, leading female characters that are truly badass.

4. Playing evil on screen seems to garner plenty of attention and is a whole lot of fun. Which villainous archetype would you most like to portray and on which TV show or film?

Playing evil on screen is a whole lot of fun! If I could play a villainous archetype I would love to explore a schemer type — one who uses her intelligence to manipulate or toy with others, like cat and mouse. I’ve always found that mysterious intellect really sexy and I would love to portray that in a character on a show like “How to Get Away with Murder.”

5. Who is the actor and actress you would most love to star with in a feature and why?

Tom Hanks. I have always found him to be an amazing actor, with the ability to take on a wide-array of characters. He handles comedy and drama very well. Yet, my admiration of him goes a little further in his presence — he, when just being himself in interviews or public appearances, comes across intelligent, humble, philanthropic, funny, family-oriented and compassionate.

6. You have been directing since the age of 15 which is amazing! How has being a filmmaker helped you as an actress?

Thank you! Directing is my second love. Being a filmmaker has helped me as an actress tremendously because it’s almost like having a third eye. I can tap into the director mindset when I am breaking down a scene and it gives me a whole new perspective.

7. Having played an active role in giving back to the community, could you tell your inspiration in starting your non-profit organization Socks for Souls?

Sure! Socks for Souls, Inc. started after a friend of mine and I completed filming our documentary, “Hope For Our Own: An LA Story.” The documentary started out as a way for us, both young teens at the time, to make a difference. We thought that by giving a first-hand view of the many faces of homelessness would inspire change or at least provide insight to the complexities of homelessness within Los Angeles. The process took us a year and while filming at different homeless shelters, a recurring theme that we heard over and over again was that socks were the most needed item, but the least donated.

Moved and forever changed through this journey, at the age of 16, I wanted to continue my work with the homeless community in a way that I could handle and that’s when Socks For Souls, Inc. was born! As a IRS recognized non-profit, our mission is pretty simple, we collect socks, underwear and hygiene products for the homeless. Once collected, we distribute based on need to the over 3,000 service organizations within the LA area.

8. In your opinion, are distinctive beauty, the talent to stir hearts or the ability to connect with audiences important as an entertainer?

To me, I think it would be a toss up between the talent to stir hearts and the ability to connect with the audience. I think these two really go hand-in-hand in that if you can truly connect with the audience, than you should be able to stir their hearts and impact them as an entertainer.

With her effervescent appeal, I would love to see Riley alongside Bella Thorne, perhaps in a film or TV series someday. I’ve been blessed to have featured blossoming actresses who went on to be stars in their own right, namely Amanda Fuller (Last Man Standing), Emily Wickersham (NCIS), Kristen Gutoskie (The Vampire Diaries), Carrie Coon (The Leftovers), Anna Konkle (Rosewood) and that’s just amazing women on TV! Riley Beres could very well be a name viewers will find irresistible in 2017.

Do visit the Riley Beres Official Site for the latest updates.

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