Idyllwild Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Leslie Stevens

actress leslie stevens idyllwild film festival

The alluring Leslie Stevens is taking us to beguiling heights with her solidly vivid performances on film, television and theatre. She stars in the short film “From Here” which screens at the Idyllwild Film Festival which is very much a favorite of indie fans. As Gayle the mother of the bewildered Laura (Roxanna Kaye whom i featured recently), the duo share the mutual grief of a loved one gone too soon. Being a mother and connecting with your child is one of the hardest things one can bear in life with Gayle’s relationship with her daughter Laura being one steeped in discord. Leslie has the esteemed guile to shine in the emotional troughs of the human condition with her delivery in her role as Gayle.

Recently, she has been the scene stealer of the gripping horror film “Threshold” as a mysterious entity known as The Woman. It deservedly won the Audience Award for Best Feature Film at the 2016 FirstGlance Philadelphia Film Festival with the great buildup of tension and the exceptional work of the cast. Materializing in the nude without reason during a coming apocalypse, she intrudes into the life of Cynthia (Trilby Glover), a young wife who is reeling from the accidental death of her son. Is she an angel, an alien or an otherworldly traveler? Leslie ratchets up the tension as the feminine enigma who has detailed knowledge about Cynthia’s life and starts exerting a growing influence on her. Audiences will certainly be hooked as soon as her character appears with Leslie being such a compelling watch in a memorably chilling portrayal. Do look out for Leslie in another short film called “AKA Amber” as she plays a loving mother who takes in a homeless teenager only for the runaway to fall in love with her son.

actress leslie stevens from here

Likewise, Leslie has made a dazzling impact on TV, guest-starring as Patricia O’Shea, the wife of D.A. Rick O’Shea (Steven Culp) on “Bosch”, the Amazon series that’s returning for its 3rd Season this year. Soap fans will know her as Rose Turner in “The Young And The Restless”, the mystery woman that was dating Gus Rogan, the father of Leslie Michaelson and Tyler Michaelson. This ravishing redhead has indeed played a host of enigmatic women, a testament to her radiance. All this points to Leslie being in line for exuberant affection.

Do check out the Leslie Stevens Official Blog for the latest updates.

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