Indie Darlings To Crave @ Idyllwild Film Festival 2017

Rachel Amanda Bryant in “Jet Set LA”

actress rachel amanda bryant jet set la

– Nominated for Best Actress in a Short Film and for the Mary Austin Award – Excellence In Producing Short Film for her role as Jenny in “Jet Set LA”, Rachel Amanda Bryant is poised for exaltation as an indie film sensation.
– The title “Jet Set LA” in itself will surprise many viewers as they are taken into the world of cannibals who feed on guests at their bed & breakfast. Engagingly fascinating, Rachel is a must watch as Jenny, the unfortunate victim.
– A likeable, blossoming indie talent who is equally sparkling as a producer and writer, she exudes an intelligent finesse that ensure the nuances of the roles she’s done is replete with vibrant depth.

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Natalie Makenna and Jena Waldron in “Entity”

actress natalie makenna entity
actress jena waldron entity

– The feminine quotient in the male protagonist heavy horror flick “Entity” offers up a pleasant balance especially since we get to see the beguiling essence of the gorgeous Natalie Makenna and Jena Waldron.
– Natalie is captivating as Gail, the deceased wife of a grieving husband who reminisces the tender moments with her on home videos, her full of life ebullience a striking contrast to his descent into madness.
– Jena has a cameo in “Entity” and with her being a nominee for the Mary Austin Award – Excellence In Producing Feature Film, we already affirm her appeal lies both on as well as off screen.

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Jillie Simon in “Hungry”

actress jillie simon hungry

– Indie acclaim is streaming in for Jillie thanks to her endearingly winning performance in “Hungry” seeing how she’s up for multiple awards at the Idyllwild Film Festival including the prestigious Best Actress: Featurette.
– She’s thoroughly charming as Allison Lenare, a grade school teacher who after finding out that her students have been thrown off the free school-lunch program musters the courage to fight the injustice.
– Just like her beautifully layered film “Hungry”, we too will find her crave-worthy just like bees to nectar. After all, she’s a genuine honey who is well-versed at playing the sweetness or the sensuality of femininity.

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Elina Madison & Rachel Alig in “Last Call At Murray’s”

actress elina madison last call at murray's
actress rachel alig last call at murray's

– 2 of the most sensual women in independent film, the saucy Elina Madison and Rachel Alig both sizzle in the ensemble comedy “Last Call At Murray’s” adding their sinfully sexy qualities to the colorful story.
– Elina is a delightful temptation as Autumn, the self-obsessed psychology major who drops by the bar on its closing night. She’s been fondly described as a hot mess and Elina is the epitome of capricious allure.
– Rachel is the ultimate tease as Dawn, the swinging single corporate climber who will do pretty much anything to get her way. She’s the secretary who can lead many a boss astray and Rachel does indeed exude those feminine wiles.

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Julia Parker in “My Name Is Lamar”

actress julia parker my name is lamar

– Her affable disposition and consummate talents are a match made in heaven so it’s no wonder many around the world look upon the luscious Julia Parker with a most loving veneration.
– Don’t miss her as Suzanne in “My Name is Lamar”, the doting wife of Lamar Phillips who encounters the very real issue of racist intolerance in which he chooses to be the better man when faced with it.
– Julia is a lovable fixture at the Idyllwild Film Festival where in 2016 she she had multiple features premiering and even garnered 2 actress award nominations. Expect her to captivate festival attendees this year too!

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Jami Harris Shine in “Electric Nostalgia”

actress jami harris electric nostalgia

– Women are the intriguing pulse of the surreal sci-fi thriller “Electric Nostalgia” and Jami dazzles as the diffident Mallory alongside her contemporaries Lauren Analla and Page Tudyk.
– Many of us are bound to find her angelic features a most divine accent of the adorable Jami and even in the shades of black and white such as in her appearance on “Electric Nostalgia”, she’s eye-catching.
– Notable for her excellence in indie films, her most memorable role being Ellie Parker in the suspenseful “Left Of Center”, the pregnant wife of the Police Chief who is buckling under the strain of family and his job.

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