Idyllwild Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: April Bogenschutz

actress april bogenschutz idyllwild film festival

When an indie horror film is graced by a blonde bombshell such as the stunning April Bogenschutz, it’s essential to shower her with adulation. She stars alongside one of horror’s finest leading man Bill Mosely in “Dark Parts 79” which screens at this year’s Idyllwild Film Fest. This foxy temptress is nominated for the Best Actress Feature Film Award for her role as Grace King, the band manager of a fading southern rock band known as Dark Roads trying to regain their fame. Hoping for some inspiration on a road trip to resurrect their music careers at a secluded cabin, little do they know that the band’s front man has already sold his soul to the devil!

actress april bogenschutz blonde bombshell

As evident by the on-set pic of her with Bill Mosely (below), April is undeniably a magnet for fascination, a genuinely photogenic actress on any medium she adorns. All the more reason to look forward to her upcoming film “Penance Lane” which has her in Scream Queen mode alongside Scout Taylor-Compton of Rob Zombie’s Halloween fame. Not content to just face the malevolent archetypes of horror, April is set to kick ass in alluring fashion in the futuristic indie thriller “Garbage Men”.

actress april bogenschutz dark roads 79

Her laser focus as a screen talent coupled with her sprightly sex appeal make April an enticing figure of independent films. Fans will also be in for a treat as April is a guest at the upcoming “Days Of The Dead” horror convention in Atlanta from February 5th through 7th. We can adoringly predict she’s going to be a global sizzler.

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