Karen Boles

actress karen boles sizzling cutie

2017 is a magical time to binge on TV shows and for burgeoning talents such as the charming Karen Boles to be a captivating face. She guest stars on the 4th Season of “Sleepy Hollow” as Mary Todd Lincoln, the wife of President Abraham Lincoln. While fans of the show will miss Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) dearly, the supernatural elements of the show never lets up. This time a demon possesses John Wilkes Booth who we know is infamous for assassinating Abraham Lincoln. In spite of his wife Mary’s magical safeguards, Abraham is killed by the demonic Booth. Mary manages to track the devilish entity down and sealed it in an underground chamber which is uncovered to be the Lincoln Memorial.

Her backstory helps to shed some light on a murder case that has the demon’s mark all over. With her luminous features, Karen is fetching in period garb and she’s just as inviting in modern wear. While Karen will be seen in several new indie features, let’s hope she gets an even meatier role on a television series on account that she’s been on a horror-themed show; perhaps a recurring stint on “Supernatural”? It was only last year that she appeared on the docu series “A Haunting” so perhaps it’s kismet.

actress karen boles sleepy hollow

In this brand new year be sure to catch Karen in several dramas namely “Strings” and “Discover Zac Ryan” where she appears as a nurse. Her delightfully engaging visage has us gravitating towards her and with more uplifting performances to come from Karen, we are more than ecstatic to have her lovingly embedded in our hearts.

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