Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 9th January 2017

Jolie Jenkins Pagani in “Liv And Maddie”

actress jolie jenkins liv and maddie

– Don’t miss the shimmering Jolie Jenkins Pagani as the fashionable Aunt Dena on Disney’s “Liv and Maddie”. This week she has a tiff with her sister Karen over who should take Dena’s daughter Ruby to get her ears pierced.
– Now who wouldn’t want a stylish bohemian Aunt like Dena who has quite the perceptive mind. Jolie exudes an abundance of charm and she plays off Dove Cameron as well as Kali Rocha with a delightful comedic effect.
– In her guest-starring role as Captain Megan Dunleavy, the skipper of Palace Cruises, she did get hit on a lot in an episode of “House Of Lies”. Evidently Jolie’s pleasant traits puts her on our affection radar with ease.

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Barbie Castro in “Boyfriend Killer”

actress barbie castro boyfriend killer

– Blessed with a soft, classic beauty that’s thoroughly personable, Barbie Castro is one of independent film’s most graceful talents. Don’t miss her in the TV Movie “Boyfriend Killer” which premieres on Lifetime TV.
– She plays Sandra Cruz Durro, a grieving mother who meets her dead son’s ex-girlfriend Krystal Keller (Kate Mansi). Their chance acquaintance leads to Sandra questioning her son’s accidental death.
– Barbie is slated to star in “Girlfriend Killer”, a tale of obsession and why sometimes doing a good deed may actually land you in trouble. Her shining work in stories of psychological expanse ensures our devotion.

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Maya Stojan and Elea Oberon in “Diagnosis Delicious”

actress maya stojan diagnosis delicious
actress elea oberon diagnosis delicious

– It’s a pleasure to hail 2 tempting brunettes onscreen who have shown to be captivating in their multifarious performances. Maya Stojan and Elea Oberon are both eye-catching in the TV Movie “Diagnosis Delicious”.
– Maja stars as cardiologist, Dr. Nina Kirby (Maya Stojan) who is up for a promotion at the local hospital but only if she’s able to get famed Chef Dave Oberlin (Ryan Rottman) to teach at their Healthy Living seminars.
– She’s renowned for scene-stealing roles on “Castle” and “Agents of Shield” as the unstable and sometimes villainous Kara Lynn Palamas. This time she enthralls us as a romantic leading lady with overflowing amiability.
– Elea stars as Fabienne Thibaut, a French restauranter who is looking for an acclaimed chef and finds the perfect candidate in Chef Dave Oberlin. Elea is the epitome of French elegance and understated allure.
– If you desire more proof of Elea’s sensuality, do watch her in the horror film “The Butterfly Room” as she makes her entrance wearing quite the revealing black dress in the role of the nonchalant Monika.

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Dawn Olivieri in “Rosewood”

actress dawn olivieri rosewood

– With her compellingly sexy voice, Dawn Olivieri effortlessly commands the screen and she’s long been illuminating our TV screens most memorably as the take no prisoners Monica Talbot on the hit “House Of Lies”.
– Guest-starring on “Rosewood”, she’s in imperious form once again as Agent Harrows. Dawn instills tenacity in her police negotiator role who has to deal with a hostage situation at the Rosewood Police Department.
– Don’t miss the divine Dawn in the upcoming film “Bright”, touted as the most expensive film ever on Netflix which sees Will Smith playing a man protecting a wand from a host of magical creatures including orcs.

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Nicole Dambro in “Pitchfork”

actress nicole dambro pitchfork

– Its list of multiple awards should pique plenty of interest for the slasher “Pitchfork” and likewise adoring eyes are going to be cast upon the foxy Nicole Dambro who is an emerging Scream Queen.
– Already a coveted horror actress, it was her spunky performance in the quirky comedy “Death to Cupid” that made her desirable and as Iris, the sleek con-artist from the Emmy nominated show “Con”.
– Nicole is also known for having a wonderful range having embodied a woman with multiple personalites in the short film “Hello Charlie”. James McAvoy who plays 24 types of personalities in “Split” would be proud of her.

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Director America Young of “The Concessionaires Must Die! “

actress america young the concessionaires must die

– America Young is regarded as more than a triple threat performer, establishing herself with impeccable verve as director, actress, stuntwoman, writer and every creative endeavor the industry has to offer.
– If you’re at the Palm Springs International Film Festival this week, do rub shoulders with the esteemed America who is a guest at the world premiere of her much adored slacker comedy “The Concessionaires Must Die”.
– Having crafted an endearing film that encompasses hearty comedy by way of funny parodies of Hollywood classics and pop culture trivia, she’s surely on an upward trajectory that will lead to success in waves.

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