Idyllwild Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Lisa Roumain

actress lisa roumain idyllwild film festival 2017

With her attractive, soulful disposition, it’s essential to be passionate about Lisa Roumain who is a perennial favorite at independent film festivals. She’s the leading lady of “Hurricane”, a dark comedy set during the Cold War that mirrors the present day tension that we see with Russia’s growing global influence. Lisa plays Eva, the sharped tongue wife whose husband deteriorates into paranoia after the couple encounter a suspected Communist. Fresh from playing the sultry villainess Elisa on “Rush Hour”, Lisa showcases a more ethereal guile as the frustrated wife and the other half in an eccentric relationship that has strained lines growing.

The adore-worthy Lisa is also the Producer and Production Designer on Hurricane and has been nominated for the Mary Austin Award for Excellence in Producing at this year’s Idyllwild Film Festival. This in itself is a recognition that’s very well deserved. In the arena of short films, she has been in fine fettle, having captivated us in “Monster In The House” and “Parallax” both of which threads the confines of psychological horror in rather intriguing tangents. Both features were official selections at prestigious festivals, the former at HollyShorts and the latter gracing the LAShorts Fest. Having a sustained presence on the festival circuit can only lead to an ever growing buzz for Lisa. That’s on top of her eye-catching turns just last year on the multiple award winning film “Dating Daisy” and “Exchange”, Disney Channel pilot that wowed the online world.

actress lisa roumain hurricane

Lisa’s at the heart of stories about complex relationships that often are beset by tribulations and if there’s a festival darling audiences should gravitate towards, she would certainly have to be the magnetic Lisa.

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