Candace Blanchard

actress candace blanchard masterminds

Candace Blanchard is a sassy and enticing indie actress who is at the cusp of a delightful impression on the big screen. She stars as Cathy Jeffcoat in “Masterminds” that’s loosely based on the 1997 Loomis Fargo Robbery in North Carolina. As the wife of Doug Jeffcoat (Ken Marino) who happens to be an acquaintance of criminal mastermind Steve Chambers (Owen Wilson), the double crossing bandit who just ran off with millions, she has an intuition that Steve is bad news on their very first meeting. In an FBI sting, she and her husband are roped in to uncover the ruse concocted by Steve as the robber who managed to blame it all on David Ghantt (Zach Galifianakis).

Kudos to the lovely Candice for her enchanting transition from indie films to a star-studded bank heist comedy and Candace is all opulent poise as a woman of standing in high society. Candace is known for her role as Officer Mandy Kain in the indie feature “Partners” which has its trailer listed as one of the most popular ones on IMDB. Viewers are taken into the personal life and accompanying issues as a police officer revealing the more intimate side of law enforcement. In the end law enforcers are flesh and blood not shielded from the complexity of societal problems and Candace fleshes those insecurities with temperate authenticity.

actress candace blanchard indie sweetheart

As a model, Candace is endowed with gorgeous curves as well as a distinctive beauty and as a performer, she’s more than capable of delving into dark roles as she so eloquently did in the indie thriller “Curfew”. Having entertained us with her expansive character-driven endeavors, it’s time Candace gets to shine in a television series or two so we can all become enamored.

Do drop by the Candace Blanchard Official Site for all the latest updates.

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