Briana Marin

actress briana marin sleepless

An enchanter on the indie festival circuit with an awarding winning performance as well as on TV, Briana Marin is primed to shine on the big screen. She stars in “Sleepless”, the Jamie Foxx action vehicle which is premiering on Friday, 13th January and will appear as Dr. Ruby Sorenson, a pyschologist. Audiences will have a glimpse of this elegant brunette opposite another i.e. Michelle Monaghan with Jamie of course as the cop whose son is kidnapped. If you’ve binge watch Season 3 of “The Night Shift”, you would have seen Briana in her recurring role as Nina Alvarez where she delivered a most captivating stint on the show alongside Brenden Fehr.

She played the pert social worker who strives to be protective of her charge with a grounded resonance and an imprint of spunk. Briana made her character so likeable with layers of emotive complexity that fans would love it if she reprises her role as Nina. In 2016, she won the Best Supporting Actress Award for her work in the indie comedy “Flatbush Luck” at FilmOut San Diego.

actress briana marin the night shift

With her desirable presence on so many fronts, Briana should be due a fervently hearty reception around the world. We already can’t wait to see what her future roles entails for this memorably, ravishing cutie.

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