Macabre Faire Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Sarah Grace Sanders

actress sarah grace sanders macabre faire film festival 2017

Amorous attention on the alluring Sarah Grace Sanders will be very much in mind this week as her film premieres at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. Brooklyn based actress Sarah plays Janet in “Wild Men” written and directed by Bobby Sansivero. Janet is the Executive Producer of “Wild Men” the 3rd highest rated reality show on cable TV, dedicated to hunting Bigfoot. Although Janet is really only married to the EP, she takes her job and ratings seriously and joins the team on their expedition into the woods. As things start to go wrong, she tries to keep the team on track and not let the show derail, but things do not go as planned. The zany best of reality TV meets found footage awaits viewers which means a hairy good time is in store.

Sarah is also a Producer of “Wild Men” which will be streaming in February! Bigfoot could soon be another mythological craze following the likes of vampires, werewolves and zombies. Sarah has recently played Harley Quinn in the fan fiction short “Batman:Patient Zero”, which recently won “Best Short” at the Paradise City Con in December 2016.It will be screening again at the Fan Film Awards in Pasadena, CA February 8-10th. Check it out (above) and help vote them into the finals here. Known for her sensual physicality onscreen, she deftly handles the action sequences as the Cupid of Crime who trades blows with The Dark Knight.

actress sarah grace sanders wild men

As a stage actress, she’s left a sizzling mark on several productions most notably sashaying in a red bikini as Fanny, a ravishing, uninhibited British ExPat on Monk Parrots Production of Welcome to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Sanders, who looks like a lifeguard on Baywatch” is TheatreMania’s ardent praise of her and with the “Baywatch” remake to hit screens come 2017, she should certainly be in the running to appear in the sequel if that’s in the pipeline.

Sarah is currently in rehearsals playing Kay Ridgeway in “Murder on the Nile” running at The Amateur Comedy Club in NYC Feb 6-18th. Her swoon-worthy ascension into our hearts is indeed picking up steam.
IG: @sarahgracesanders
Twitter: @itsSGS

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