Courtney Lakin

actress courtney lakin sleepy hollow

There’s no better time than in 2017 to be fond of blossoming faces of television and the entrancing Courtney Lakin should already have us under her spell. Courtney announces herself on “Sleepy Hollow” with bewitching charisma in her guest-star role as the witch Marg who is mesmerizing as she is malevolent. Marg’s witchcraft puts Ichabod Crane (Tom Mison), Jenny Mills (Lyndie Greenwood) and new team member Diana Thomas (Janina Gavankar) in a bind after encountering her during a case. Courtney is the epitome of lusciousness as the dark magic wielder and looks every bit the dangerous beauty in black. Tune in to the episode ‘In Plain Sight’ to see if they can ward off her hexes.

Horror is certainly right up her alley having appeared as the lead in “#FollowFriday”, the short film “Drawn To Fear” and having appeared as a werewolf on “The Originals”. In “#FollowFriday”, she shone as the heroine Nabila Nariman who has to match wits with a serial killer using social media to find his victims on campus. She garnered praises for her portrayal of Hope in “Drawn To Fear” which had intensity as well as dimension in her role as the young woman acquiring a book that instills fear.

actress courtney lakin actress spotlight
actress courtney lakin rising starlet

With her divine features, it’s apt that she was the inviting romantic interest of the enjoyable short film “Him + Her”. Next up for Courtney is the horror comedy “Death Cab” which has a very interesting premise so be sure to keep tabs on her burgeoning enchantment on film. Courtney’s immaculate purity is to be raved about and she’s on course to enchant a generation of viewers.

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