TV Vixens To Crave – 18 January 2017

Patricia De Leon in “Scorpion”

actress patricia de leon scorpion

– It’s Latin Fever on television this week as the sultry Patricia De Leon guest-stars on “Scorpion” as Lucinda, a woman who kidnaps the entire team in order to force them to finish a counterfeiting job.
– In her villainous turn, Patricia portrays Lucinda with a dynamism of a woman in a position of power whose ruthlessly efficient in attaining her end game. She makes playing evil that much more tantalizing.
– We can affirm that Patricia’s very much a Sex Symbol and has recently showcased her onscreen versatility as a distraught mother in “Notorious” as well as a calculating siren in the indie actioner “Slammed”.

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Katy Colloton in “Teachers”

actress katy colloton teachers

– With the Season 2 premiere of the hilarious “Teachers”, it’s fitting to shine the spotlight on accomplished comedienne Katy Colloton who has brought such quirky merriment to the much adored show.
– “Teachers” is garnering success thanks to the creative nuances of the female cast. The talented Katy is both a writer and actress on the show, her performances as the unknowingly narcissistic Ms. Chelsea Snap are a treat!
– In the sophomore season, Ms. Chelsea is assign to “Hell Class” much to her chagrin. Look out for her amusing scene with a flirty 8-year old and one would have to say Katy makes for quite the delectable teacher.

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Carly Craig in “American Housewife”

actress carly craig american housewife

– The war of words on “American Housewife” between Carly Craig’s character Tara Summers who is a vegan and meat loving supermom Katie Otto (Katy Mixon) is a priceless reason to be hooked on this week’s episode.
– Lauded for her striking comedic roles where she’s undaunted by raunchy, vulgar humor, it’s great to see Carly rousing up the hit comedy. If the conflict festers, we could see more of this ravishing funny woman.
– Audiences would have seen her enthrall as the blonde stripper Zane in the racy comedy “Flock Of Dudes” where she was the sensual life of the bachelor party as well as a brazen quipster, a testament to her comedic flair

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Amelia Burstyn in “No Tomorrow”

actress amelia burstyn no tomorrow

– Her eyes are instantly captivating prompting us to fawn over model/actress Amelia Burstyn who is easily one of the most distinctively stunning faces in the industry. From television to indie films, she’s a cert to be feted.
– She’s known for her recurring role on the SyFy show “Defiance” opposite Jamie Murray as an alien Castithan, the pale-looking alien species who we know to be dangerously beautiful.
– Don’t miss her in the season finale of “No Tomorrow”. Hypothetically speaking if there were an impending apocalypse which is the premise of the show, you won’t think twice about falling in love with Amelia.

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