Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Angela Trimbur

actress angela trimbur actress obsession

Angela Trimbur is primed to be the Indie Goddess of Sundance as she illuminates the acclaimed film festival in 4 captivating roles. From dazzling the Sundance shorts program as the lead in “I Know You From Somewhere” and making horror fans ecstatic in the anthology horror flick “XX”, Angela is surely our obsession. She’s also starring in the comedy “L.A. Times” and the drama “Strangers” which ensures she’ll be the darling to be infatuated about. The world would have also witness the allure she can exude on the red carpet in the elegant dress with the plunging neckline at the recent Golden Globes. Last year at Sundance, she entranced in the riveting “Trash Fire” as the leading lady Isabel whose fighting demons within her love relationship and her paramour’s family members.

actress ngela trimbur red carpet

In 2017, she beguiles Sundance yet again firstly in the short film “I Know You From Somewhere” directed by Andrew Fitzgerald which sees her as Katherene, a woman who becomes a viral sensation only to fuel bad blood from netizens. She is starring alongside Cleopatra Coleman (Last Man Standing) who plays her friend in it.

actress i know you from somewhere

Angela will subsequently delve into horror in “XX” in the segment “Don’t Fall” as Jess, Breeda Wool’s girlfriend. I’m pretty sure many can’t wait to see Angela and Breeda (whom i just featured) in a lip-lock amidst what is a terror-filled tale in the backwoods. Part of the NEXT program at Sundance, “L.A. Times” can count on the beguiling Angela in a film which tries to answer whether being the perfect couple brimful in happiness is just a myth. Angela will end her mesmeric Sundance sojourn with her role in “Strangers” which puts the LGBT stories in a positive light to combat the anti-LGBT rhetoric that’s unfortunately become prevalent.

Expect Angela to gain fandom from the LGBT community as she’s slated to star alongside “Fresh Off The Boat” star Constance Wu in “The Feels” which is about a lesbian bachelorette weekend going sideways after one of the brides admits her failure to achieve an orgasm. We do indeed feel utmost passion for the distinctively sassy Angela who is a woman of immense talents and might I also add any fan’s dream girl, especially since she’s has always been so genial to me all these years. Likewise, global audiences will undoubtedly shower her with acclaim and devotion too.

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