Sundance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Breeda Wool

actress breeda wool sundance film festival

The extravaganza of Sundance is almost upon us and audiences will soon start a passion movement for the women of Sundance such as the lissome Breeda Wool. She will appear in 2 features that span vastly different genres, first in an all-female directed anthology called “XX” and a female-focused comedy “Strangers”. In “XX”, she stars in the segment “Don’t Fall” which has a group of friends trespassing on the property of a humanoid-like creature that could spell the end for them. It is of note to spot Breeda alongside Angela Trimbur in this atmospheric chiller as Breeda will re-unite with her again in “Strangers”. Do look out for Breeda to brighten up the film about a woman’s dilemma after a painful breakup and kudos to Sundance for giving us the twin sensations (Breeda and Angela) of the indie world.

Breeda has certainly wowed us with noteworthy performances which first started with relationship narrative “Lambing Season”. She went from strength to strength as stirring leading ladies, firstly as a lesbian paramour in “AWOL” and following up with an emotionally wrought one as the mother of an autistic child in “The Boy Who Cried Fish”. It’s on the money to say that Breeda is destined to be a buzz-worthy face at this year’s Sundance. She has a sensitive persona which is fascinatingly poised to leave indie fans clamoring for more. Breeda did of course made a desirable impression on television in the hit series “UnREAL” which introduced the world to Faith DeLuth, the southern-raised, rangy contestant on the reality dating show Everlasting.

actress breeda wool xx

She’s also guest starred in the absurdist futuristic comedy “Dream Corp LLC” and in 2017 should catch our eyes in Season 2 of the mean spirited comedy series “Vice-Principals”. Breeda’s relatable, quirky effervescence has already won her a legion of admirers and we’re more than intrigued by her upcoming glowing endeavors.

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