TV Vixens To Crave – 21 January 2017

Lulu Brud in “Pure Genius”

actress lulu brud pure genius

– We only have to look to our television screens again this week to gaze upon the endearing Lulu Brud in her guest-starring role on high-tech medical drama series “Pure Genius” which is certain to tug at the heartstrings.
– In one of her most strikingly moving roles to date, Lulu takes viewers on an emotional ride as Skylar Stevens, the heroine addled woman who wrestles with being a new mother and trying to stave off her drug addiction.
– Recurring on “Pretty Little Liars as Sabrina, she became a beloved character on the hit show and not just because she got to make out with Shay Mitchell’s Emily Fields. Her bohemian aura is so pleasing we can’t wait for her return.

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Jackie Debatin in “Law And Order:SVU”

actress jackie debatin law and order svu

– Coincidentally the enchanting Jackie Debatin has also appeared on “Pretty Little Liars” in quite the stirring fashion and this time around she guest-stars on the latest absorbing episode of “Law And Order:SVU”
– She plays Sue Ann Daly, the girlfriend of billionaire Lawrence Hendricks Sr. (Bob Gunton at his sleazy best) who is accused of rape. Under duress, she testifies covering up for him and reveals more shocking secrets.
– With her saucy, husky voice, Jackie straddles between the expanse of preciousness and seductiveness, both of which she has in abundance. Her assemblage of sensual roles on TV should potently attest to her sex appeal.

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Aina Dumlao in “MacGyver”

actress aina dumlao macgyver

– I’ve always jumped at the chance to feature rising Asian American stars such as Aina Dumlao who has illuminated the arena of independent films and television, most recently on the new series “MacGyver”.
– She’s returning as Patricia Thornton’s trusted hacker Andie Lee in the episode “Fish Scaler”. Effortlessly rolling off the geek speak, Aina handles the tech terms smoothly and let’s hope her character gets in on the action too.
– It does look like her captivating run on television is on course to continue with her upcoming guest-star role on the new comedy series “Brockmire”. Catch her alongside Hank Azaria and Amanda Peet.

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Dena Tyler in “Bull”

actress dena tyler bull

– Don’t miss the lovely Dena Tyler as Liberty Davis who returns this week on “Bull”. We are already itching at the prospect of what she and Dr. Bull (Michael Weatherly) have up their brainy sleeves.
– Shedding those attractive features of hers to essay the much more plain, frazzled attorney Liberty, Dena has shone with an honesty when it comes to her character’s traits. She should certainly be lauded as a Screen Gem!
– This year, she’s appearing in the premiere episode of the racy new series “The Deuce” set during the rampant era of porn and prostitution. Don’t miss her alongside greats such as James Franco and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

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