Indie Darlings To Crave @ Sundance Film Festival 2017 – Part 2

Caroline Tudor & Eileen Dietz in “Lake Alice”

actress caroline tudor lake alice
actress eileen dietz lake alice

– This week is the world premiere of “Lake Alice” at the Sundance Film Festival’s IndieLounge and we are already in high anticipation of showering adulation on the 2 leading ladies Caroline Tudor as well as Eileen Dietz.
– Caroline stars as Sarah Thomas whose family is beset by disturbing forces at the cabin they’re staying in during a blizzard. Her romantic entanglements and ensuing family tension gives complexity to this must watch horror film.
– Already a darling of the indie scene, Caroline was eye-catching as Viv, the diner waitress who has to deal with her PTSD afflicted brother-in-law in “Reparation”. There’s a desirability in her that glows on screen.
– Famed for her work on “The Exorcist”, we find Eileen Dietz in the wintry fear flick “Lake Alice” and she once more delivers phenomenally in the horror genre that has seen her gain cult celebrity status.
– She will be attending the invitation-only global launch of the film “Lake Alice” at IndieLounge where fans can get to rub shoulders and take photos with the legendary Queen of Screams. This is an event worth waiting for!

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Yareli Arizmendi in “Gente-fied”

actress yareli arizmendi gentefied

– Sundance is also a haven for an authentic web series such as “Gente-fied which is co-written and produced by Yareli Arizmendi who is also one of the stars which includes America Ferrera and Alicia Sixtos.
– In keeping with the authenticity of the characters, she’s a delight as one of the colorful Mexican-American residents: a woman who sells licuados, traditional Latin American blended beverages.
– The supremely talented Yareli elevates every role with her sharp wit that’s majorly endearing and as she’s shown in dramas such as “Like Water for Chocolate” that her engaging versatility is buzz-worthy.

Natalie Sutherland in “Gook”

actress natalie sutherland gook

– Film festivals and the enticing Natalie Sutherland are a delectable match and it’s fitting to see her appearance on a film at Sundance. She stars as a nurse in “Gook” that has its premise rooted in the infamous L.A riots.
– She made a memorable impression playing a jilted Scottish lass in the short film “Fxxxen Americans” alongside Devious Maid’s Grant Show and in the comedy “Fame Dogs” as a high and mighty Hollywood agent.
– If you love Karen Gillan of “Dr Who” fame then Scottish-born Natalie should be a talent to be adored too seeing how she too is a vision of exquisiteness which would affirm her growing fanbase.

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Kayla Harrity in “Lemon”

actress kayla harrity lemon

– The immaculate cutie Kayla Harrity is an accomplished actress, internet and television personality having interview celebs like Matt Damon and Mark Walhberg. Her appeal is very much prevalent on multiple mediums.
– Don’t miss Kayla turning on the charm in “Lemon”, the ensemble comedy about a blind man abandoned by his girlfriend which stars Michael Cera, Judy Greer, Gillian Jacobs, Shiri Appleby and Megan Mullally.
– Besides “Lemon”, she’s appearing in several interesting features including the upcoming independent film ‘The Witching Hour,’ starring Michael Madsen, William Forsythe and Mr Candyman himself Tony Todd.

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Jackie Joyner & Candice Coke in “The Hero”

actress jackie joyner the hero
actress candice coke the hero

– In “The Hero” which tells of an ailing movie star coming to terms with his past and mortality, the female cast is a hevenly one with Jackie Joyner as well as Candice Coke joining the likes of Laura Prepon and Krysten Ritter.
– Jackie has recently appeared in the western action film “Traded” as well as on television alongside Ken Jeong on his hit show “Dr Ken”. Her smile is infectiously alluring as is her irrepressible foxy personage.
– Don’t miss this graceful and sexy lady in her guest-star role on the 4th Season of comedy series “Young & Hungry”. It also happens to be Jackie’s Birthday week so let us all wish her the best birthday ever!
– With a busy slate of films in 2017, the temptation that is Candice is sizzling her way into our hearts. Known for her bewitching work on several hit shows and the indie genre, this kissable actress has sensuality in abundance.
– Up next for Candice is “Once Upon a Time in Venice” which will see her opposite the likes of Jason Momoa and Bruce Willis in a story about an LA detective who seeks out the ruthless gang that stole his dog.

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Ayden Mayeri in “Downward Dog”

actress ayden mayeri downward dog

– The luscious Ayden Mayeri is currently such a lovable enchantress on both film and television. Do catch her in “Downward Dog” which has the distinction of being the first ever network show to premiere at Sundance.
– Her notable roles on television include the seductive Pepper in “Faking It” who tempts the dad of Lauren Cooper (Bailey De Young) as well as humoring up “New Girl”, “Life In Pieces” and “Awkward”.
– On film, she has heated up the screen in Zac Efron’s “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” and she’s likely to repeat the fervor with a slate of big screen features including the comedy “Random Tropical Paradise”.

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Shani Sayler Stiles in “Columbus”

actress shani sayler stiles columbus

– Thank to her enthralling performance in “The Things We’ve Seen” as Ivory Joy Boem, a woman who feels abandoned by her fugitive husband, our interest is piqued to see Shani in the inter-racial drama “Columbus”.
– It’s great to see her alongside independent film’s most coveted actresses both past and present including Parker Posey as well as leading lady Haley Lu Richardson. Shani is primed for a similar level of ardor too.
– Elegantly fetching with a keen aptitude to represent genuine woman of variegated traits on film, she’s making a wonderful impression on the festival circuit. Come 2017, Shani could well be extolled favorably by indie fans.

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