Slamdance Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Miranda Parham

actress miranda parham slamdance film festival

The ravishing Miranda Parham is odds on to be recognize as an Indie Goddess thanks to the allure she’s bringing to this year’s Slamdance Film Festival. In the short film “Redmond Hand, Private Dick”, she glams it up in her role as a beautiful woman whose missing cactus sparks the investigative nose of LA’s most notorious detective solve the thorny issue. Seeing how Miranda shimmers in the resplendent dress, it should come as no surprise why her character arouses such affirmative action and we do have to admit Miranda is one stunning lady.

Her radiant sensuality should be in no doubt and I would have to say very much in the vein of actresses such as Michelle Monaghan (The Path) and Ruth Wilson (The Affair). Miranda’s piercing blue eyes brings out her natural beauty and we’re would be hypnotized in a heartbeat. Look out for her to enrapture us in “Gentlemen’s Fury” set in the world of professional tennis. She plays Kathleen who starts to question her relationship with a tennis player lover Aaron after witnessing his violent outburst on court. With several indie features due for release, we are most certainly keeping our adoring eyes on her.

actress miranda parham Redmond Hand, Private Dick

Do visit the Miranda Parham Official Site for all the latest updates.

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