Screen Hotties To Crave @ Slamdance 2017

Stephanie Allynne in “Dave Made A Maze”

actress stephanie allynne dave made a maze

– Back in 2013. Stephanie lit up Sundance in 2 features namely “In A World” alongside Lake Bell and the short film “K.I.T.” This year she adds comic punch to sister festival Slamdance in the kooky comedy “Dave Made A Maze”.
– She plays Brynn who is part of the crew of rescuers hoping to find Dave in a cardboard maze he created to impress his girlfriend. The absurdity is endearing and Stephanie is eye-catching as the cocky hipster.
– Television is yet another medium she’s certain to intrigue and having already shone as the intern Joey in the surreal “Dream Corp LLC”, will do so once more in the new series “One Mississippi” as well as “Twin Peaks”.

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Sean Young and Ilana Becker in “Future ’38”

actress sean young future 38
actress Ilana Becker future 38

– One of the most memorable film sirens, Sean Young has always transition effortlessly across multiple genres. Best remembered for vivid turns in “Blade Runner” and “Dune”, it’s great to see her in the time-travel comedy “Future 38”.
– With the impending release of “Blade Runner 2049”, Sean should have been asked to reprise her role as the replicant Rachael in lieu of Harrison Ford’s Rick Deckard return. She was a Gem back then and still is today!
– The comely Ilana Becker is one of the most gifted comediennes of her generation and having made headlines as the adorable and sometimes annoying Irritabelle in an IBS-D ad, she’ll enliven “Future 38” too.
– She also happens to be a delight on the small screen. In 2017, expect Ilana to be stardom bound in what is going to be rousing guest-starring roles on the 6th Season of Girls and the new show “Crashing”.

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Kathy Searle in “I’m In Here”

actress kathy searle i'm in here

– Kathy stars in the short film “I’m In Here” as Diane, an eccentric woman who is part of a group of strangers who drop unannounced at the residence of a man and claim they had already bought his house.
– In 2016, she guest-starred on Season 2 of “Red Oaks” as the convenience store clerk Agatha, a love interest of Richard Kind’s Sam. This year she stands on the pedestal of adoration with a slew of upcoming projects.
– We already know her as accomplished funny woman with a quirky charm who has been steadily impressing film festival-goers. Indeed Kathy possesses the innate artfulness to flesh out any archetype you can think of.

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Jean Louise O’Sullivan in “Kate Can’t Swim”

actress jean louise o'sullivan kate can't swim

– Actress, writer, and producer Jean Louise O’ Sullivan is consistently a charismatic face on film and she’s odds on to grace the relationship drama “Kate Can’t Swim” with her mesmerizing elegance.
– As the captivating lead of a wide variety of films, Jean has also been a regular on the festival circuit which includes the prestigious SXSW and recently at this year’s NorthEast Film Festival Horror Fest.
– She’s always been a darling of the indie horror scene so don’t miss the gorgeous Jean in “Puppet Master: Axis Termination” which is the latest installment of the killer animated puppets horror franchise.

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