Rebecca Calder

actress rebecca calder actress spotlight

The glowingly classy Rebecca Calder is set to garner adulation this week with her appearance on one of the highest rated TV shows in Britain. In the BBC crime series “Silent Witness”, she guest stars in the 2-episode arc ‘Covenant’ alongside Emilia Fox and Gary Beadle. Rebecca plays DI Jodie Tanner who leads the investigation of a double homicide that will soon reveal the motives of the killer. Having nailed the accent on “Silent Witness”, you would envision Rebecca as an English actress yet she’s actually from Australia and currently is based in London. As the resolute DI Tanner, she’s the personification of stylish decorum instilling the dignified stature we often find of an advocate of the law. Tune in to both parts of the thrilling 2-parter “Covenant” to find out if DI Tanner gets to apprehend the murderer.

actress rebecca calder silent witness

Rebecca is best known for being the lead in the indie drama “Love Me Do” and her compelling performance won her Best Actress Awards at both the CIFF Film Festival and European Independent Film Festival. In this thought-provoking tale of human relationships by director Martin Stitt, Rebecca displays her impressive range as she delves into the character of Antonia, a high-powered London banker who bonds with an aspiring actor Max (Jack Gordon). Their attraction would however fester into something much more murky and Rebecca impressively delves into the dark traits of a manipulative woman. Martin has even lauded Rebecca’s work as fascinatingly cerebral as she’s able to pull off the humanity within what is a scarred and flawed sociopath.

Rebecca’s eclectic charisma has already seen her playing a Countess in Paolo Sorrentino’s film “Youth” opposite Harvey Keitel and Isabella Radcliffe, the Victorian Ghost that roams Radcliffe House in the haunting film “Altar”. Having been heralded as London’s New Guard which lauds women at the forefront of art, literature, design and theatre, Rebecca’s road to stardom is nigh!

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