Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 25th January 2017

Olivia Taylor Dudley in “The Magicians”

actress olivia taylor dudley the magicians

– If you’re looking to be addicted to the most bewitching women on TV, the 2nd Season of “The Magicians” will have us reacquainted with Olivia Taylor Dudley who is joined by Stella Maeve and Summer Bishil.
– Thanks to the intriguing performances of Olivia as Alice Quinn, she has gained many compliments for crafting what is an irresistible mystique surrounding her character. She’s odds on to weave potent magic this year!
– While her sex appeal is understated on “The Magicians” on account that she plays the more reserved Alice, one only has to view this video of her on the talk show Noches Con Platanito to be in awe of her desirable curves.

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Kelly Kruger in “Girls Night Out”

actress kelly kruger night out

– A genuine Canadian Sweetheart, Kelly Kruger exudes a most fetching allure that’s very much cherished and she’ll be leaving us spellbound in the suspenseful LMN TV Movie “Girls Night Out”.
– She stars as Joelle, one of the best friends of Mackenzie Mauzy’s female lead McKenzie who surprise her with a bachelorette party only for the night to turn dire when an ex-boyfriend returns to wreak vengeance.
– Having appeared on some of the biggest hits on TV including “Castle” and “Rizzoli & Isles”, she also had a recurring role on the iconic soap opera “The Bold and the Beautiful” as Eva, a publicist for Forrester International

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Rebecca Harris in “Outsiders”

actress rebecca harris the outsiders

– The wonderful Rebecca Harris returns as Ledda Dobbs on the 2nd Season of the acclaimed show “The Outsiders” and this time she harbors an uneasy apprehension of her brother Sheriff Wade Houghton’s safety.
– As viewers will discover this new season, her role has expanded into one of the central figures and affirms the fluidity of the show’s characters. Rebecca has also instill a human side amidst the gritty power struggle.
– With Slamdance currently going on, it’s of note to remember her first-rate work as a mother who is addicted to a prescription drug in the tense drama “Stay Awake” which screened at the 2015 Edition.

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Lotte Munk in “Ramt”

actress lotte munk ramt

– Already a prominent actress on television thanks to captivating roles on “The Bridge” known as “Bron” and “The Killing”, Danish screen siren Lotte Munk has a elegant magnetism to be revered.
– In the Danish short film “Ramt”, she essays a riveting performance that will have a profound effect on audiences. She stars as hobby painter Anne whose serenity is shattered after contracting sclerosis.
– On and off screen, the sublime Lotte has a beautiful soul which ensures her place in our captive hearts. For a film buff like me, she’s helped to expand my horizons in appreciating Denmark’s top notch storytellers.

Sara Botsford in “Ride”

actress sara botsford ride

– A serene and accomplished Canadian thesp, Sara Botsford has been impressive in a number of independent films as well as TV shows. Sara’s all set to mesmerize viewers in the new series “Ride” on Nickelodeon.
– She stars as Lady Covington, the head of the prestigious Covington Academy, an elite equestrian boarding school. With an assured poise, Sara dazzles as the taskmaster with a stickler for rules and admonishing her students.
– Spot on with the Brit accent, Sara’s flair for shining in dramatic fare should see warm approval lavished upon her. She is also noteworthy for her role as Marilla Cuthbert in the poignant drama “Anne of Green Gables”.

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