Vanessa Burns

actress vanessa burns canadian vixen

The dearest Canadian talents are always a fixture in our hearts and Vanessa Burns is currently making dazzling inroads on television. She has a recurring role on the series “Designated Survivor” which stars Kiefer Sutherland, Natascha McElhone, Italia Ricci and Maggie Q. Kiefer plays a low ranked cabinet member Tom Kirkman who is elevated to become the President Of The United States after a tragic attack that eliminated other potential candidates. Vanessa appears alongside Kal Penn and Melanie Scrofano who rspectively play the White House Press Secretary and a young reporter with a nose for juicy news.

Here’s Vanessa revealing more about her role on “Designated Survivor”:

I have already appeared in 6 episodes of Designated Survivor – my next episode airs in March 7th. I love this role as Shelly ( she’s a feisty reporter) and absolutely love working on the show! Designated Survivor has an amazing team of cast and crew and they are all wonderful to work with!

Feisty is apt to describe her character as she prods Kal Penn’s Sean Wright with the tough questions. With her returning on “Designated Survivor” come March, we can’t wait for her to add extra spice to the forthcoming episodes. Vanessa does indeed have the sassy visage to depict the brashness of reporters.

actress vanessa burns designated survivor

This week, Vanessa can be seen in “Incorporated” as a realtor who helps the husband and wife characters of Sean Teale and Allison Miller to acquire their new home. It is of note that she’s also the writer for the comedy short “Acting Up” which is currently on the film festival circuit. It’s about ageism in the acting field, an issue that’s commonplace as we are shown the life of an aging actress struggling to find work within a youth-obsessed industry. With Vanessa becoming a competent storyteller both in front and behind the camera, we’re excited to see her evolution into a screen enchantress.

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