Natalie Krill

actress natalie krill ransom

Television has emerged as the portal of absolute addiction thanks to the stunning Natalie Krill who is one of this week’s most captivating face. She guest-stars on “Ransom” as Addison Reid, child prodigy turned tech billionaire whose company Voysec Vehicle Systems is a leader in traffic safety systems. Things start to go awry when one of her most important employees is kidnapped just before the launch of a new AI product. Eric Beaumont (Luke Roberts) and his team are engaged and soon discover Addison has some skeletons in her closet. Whilst we most certainly would be swooning over her exquisite features, Natalie excels in being able to mask the true motives of her canny character. Who wouldn’t believe that she was pure as the driven snow and that’s the mark of the credible eloquence Natalie exudes on screen.

actress natalie krill below her mouth

In fact authenticity has always been part of her makeup as a performer and she recently established it so impressively in the drama “Below Her Mouth”. We have already been enchanted by her numerous times on the small screen and I will be first to admit doing a double take when I saw her on “Ransom” this week. Her dainty sweetness is refined yet has a precious innocence that’s potently magnetic. Natalie most definitely rocks the poster for her steamy sapphic romance “Below Her Mouth” which has the distinction of being helmed by an all-female crew led by esteemed director April Mullen. Natalie’s profound honesty and intimately sensual portrayal of the love-strucked Jasmine is monumental in its memorable quintessence. It does make us believe that LOVE is gender free!

actress natalie krill actress spotlight

Come Feb 10, the official “Below Her Mouth” Premiere is happening which is an event not to be missed! The deluge of effusive praises will soon follow as we embrace the covetable tenets of the luscious Canadian Goddess Natalie Krill.

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