Canadian Sweethearts To Adore – 1 February 2017

Chelsey Reist in “The 100”

actress chelsey reist the 100

– It’s undeniable that one of the biggest reasons we have a craving for the thrilling series “The 100” is the delectable Chelsey Reist who stars as Harper and with her return on Season 4, we can re-ignite our fondness for her.
– Having hooked up with Monty (Christopher Larkin), Harper’s long overdue some loving having endured brutal experiences. Chelsey flawlessly helms the resolute spirit of Harper Harper ensuring we’re in awe of her.
– Already a recipient of the One To Watch Award, she’s been a dazzler on film and television having delivered a riveting performance on “Aftermath”. 2017 is the year the world lauds Canada’s Blossoming Star Chelsey Reist!

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Lucie Guest in “Timeless”

actress lucie guest timeless

– In the newest episode of “Timeless”, the always inviting Lucie dons the gaudy style of the 80s as Becky, a woman who meets Rufus Carlin (Malcolm Barrett) who has gone rogue with Wyatt Logan (Matt Lanter).
– Guest-starring as Becky who bonds with Rufus over “Manimal” which is one of my fav shows from that Eighties timeline, Lucie is fetching as the wide-eyed cutie with the ‘Olivia Newton John’ semblance.
– If there’s one Canadian talent making waves on television in 2017, she would be the foxy Lucie. She’ll soon enthralled us on “iZombie”, “Girlfriends’ Guide to Divorce” and Freeform sci-fi series “Beyond”.

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Lina Roessler in “The 9th Life of Louis Drax”

actress lina roessler the 9th life of louis drax

– With her attractive, eye-catching charm, it’s no wonder Lina Roessler has enraptured many a heart. She has the ideal appeal for both television and film, Lina’s delicate presence a joy to behold.
– Look out for her as Caitlin in “The 9th Life of Louis Drax”, a married woman with 2 Asian Kids in tow who seemingly riles up Aiden (Aaron Paul), the rather shifty Peter, stepdad of protagonist Louise Drax.
– She is also an esteemed film-maker whose short film “Winter” premiered at the prestigious TIFF last year. It’s a story that resonates with the current crisis in the US and delves into the issues faced by immigrant children.

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