Jennie Pierson

actress bahia haifi full of grace

Already in 2017. television has become the platform for blossoming faces and actor/improviser/writer Jennie Pierson will be garnering praise in abundance. She has a recurring role as Wendy, the lead software engineer opposite Vanessa Hudgens in the comedy series “Powerless”. They’re part of the team at an insurance company, who specialize in products to protect defenseless bystanders from the collateral damage of Superheroes and Supervillains. Jennie can be seen in the promos of this hilarious NBC series that offers up a refreshing spin on the traditional superhero themes. In this day and age, we need more women figures like Wendy who are on par with someone like James Bond’s Q. She’s elevating science with touches of good-humored merriment and Jennie is poised to add a delightful tone to what is a rollicking new show.

In the coming season, Jennie has plenty of scenes with Vanessa Hudgens so we can envision they’re going to be BFFs. We would certainly adored if Jennie’s Wendy and Vanessa’s Emily Locke get into some mischief together or even gain temporary superpowers in forthcoming episodes. Having dazzled on some of the biggest comedy hits including “Black-ish”, “Comedy Bang-Bang”, “Children’s Hospital” and “The Birthday Boys”, Jennie’s emergence as a charming screen jester is due for commendable recognition.

actress bahia haifi full of grace

On the big screen, she’s already appeared on hysterical flicks such as the recent “Brother Nature” with Gillian Jacobs, Zac Efron’s “Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates” and the raucous “Flock Of Dudes”. A naturally gifted comedienne, it’s great to see her getting such a successful run and with TV yet again our obsession this year, do look our for the effervescent Jennie to deliver more lighthearted moments on camera.

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