Scream Queens To Crave @ Days Of The Dead Atlanta 2017

Special Guest Caroline Williams

actress caroline williams days of the dead

– Whenever a film festival celebrating horror arrives, we are enthused over the finest ladies of horror and this February weekend the luscious Caroline Williams makes a sizzling appearance at Days Of The Dead in Atlanta.
– It’s always an honor to highlight the work of Scream Queen legend Caroline who is fondly remembered as Stretch from “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2”. Till today she has the allure that’s hard to resist.
– A definite Sex Symbol of the horror genre, Caroline’s recent endeavors on film such as in the remake of “Blood Feast” have seen her essay vivid women caught up in intense situations, her star quality being omnipresent.

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Special Guest Lynn Lowry

actress lynn lowry days of the dead

– The iconic horror mistress Lynn Lowry will be gracing Days Of The Dead who for film festival-goers must indeed be a blessing. A fantasy girl for many in the 70s, she still has a sensual appeal well into the year 2017.
– Her sultry eyes have certainly shimmered on acclaimed horror tales such as “The Crazies” and “Shivers”. Lynn’s numerous recent and upcoming features suggest she’s very coveted and her name passionately adored.
– February is also the WOMEN IN HORROR month and we do find Lynn worthy of glorification. One only has to be watch her enchanting vigor on recent films “Model Hunger” and “Pretty Fine Things” to be in awe of her.

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Ellie Church in “Frankenstein Created Bikers”

actress ellie church days of the dead

– The ravishing Ellie Church burst into prominence in indie horror with gritty, eye-catching turns in “Headless”, “Mania”, “Harvest Lake” and of course the cult splatter flick “Frankenstein Created Bikers”.
– One reviewer even alluded that we need more of Ellie as she’s a must watch as Candy. Her character has a manifold story arc facing many entities including Bigfoot, Bigfoot-hunting bikers and the titular Frankenstein.
– Her upcoming film “Brides Of Satans” should pique a lot of interest worldwide. She stars as Luna Lester, a woman whose mother is brutally murdered when she was young inculcating her disdain for society.

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Morgan Monnig in “Family Possessions”

actress morgan monnig family possessions

– An award-winning actress for her strong performance in the chilling horror short “The Cabin”, Morgan Monnig is just as magnetic in “Family Possessions”, a riveting take on our favorite haunted house premise.
– She star as Sarah Dunn, the wife of Jason Vail’s character Steve Dunn whose daughter Rachael discover a terrifying family secret at her estranged grandmother’s house after supernatural incidents occur.
– While she’s celebrated as a wonderful horror actress, she’s also been eye-catching as a hit-woman and a vengeance-seeking victim who viciously punishes her rapist. Morgan’s versatility is thoroughly inviting.

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Corsica Wilson in “Show Yourself”

actress corsica wilson days of the dead

– Admiring Corsica Wilson is absolutely essential as she’s a doll of the indie horror genre. She’s also a fixture on the festival circuit with her films having screened at Toronto After Dark and PollyGrind Film Fests.
– Do watch the very cute Corsica in the horror film “Save Yourself” which sees her as Nikki, a woman whose friend Travis is reeling from the death of his friend by heading into the woods only to fall prey to something evil.
– In the darkly funny “Monster Girls”, Corsica is a fetching mix of vulnerability and craziness as Leah, a woman who is trying her darnedest to fit in. Her seemingly calm demeanor hides her hidden rage of being a zombie!

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