SF IndieFest 2017 Spotlight: Celia Diane

actress celia diane zen dog

The captive allure of French actresses have a way of instilling devotion in our hearts and the ravishing Celia Diane will invoke a surge of passion this week. She stars in the existential cum trippy road trip indie drama “Zen Dog” which garnered its director Rick Darge a Film of the Festival award at last year’s Raindance Film Fest. Rick has indeed been spot-on with his cast which includes the divine Celia who plays Maya in her breezy persona that’s evocative of the ethereal narrative. She’s one of the colorful characters whom the protagonist Mud (Kyle Gallner) encounters on his dreamy escapade and frees him from the trappings of life.

Celia herself is a mesmerizing head-turner and over the years independent cinema has been blessed with ladies of elegance. She might be at the SF Indie Fest only in spirit at the North American premiere of “Zen Dog” but we know that she’s in for exaltation on the festival circuit for years to come.

actress celia diane sf indiefest 2017

She’s also been the TV host of E! News in France and possesses a prodigious creative spark having been a director, producer and writer. In the tradition of French talents who have an undeniable mystique, Celia’s charms are borne of engaging incandescence.

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