Indie Sweethearts To Adore At The Santa Barbara Film Fest 2017 – Part 2

Dina Shihabi and Mara Kassin in “Cul-de-Sac”

actress dina shihabi cul de sac
actress mara kassin cul de sac

– Both Dina Shihabi and Mara Kassin have the soulful loveliness that can elevate as well as deliver engaging eminence to a myriad of stories as they have gracefully showcased on the festival circuit.
– Dina came into our adoring eyes with her stirring performance as Amira in the cross-cultural romance “Sam And Amira”. This time she adds layers of mystique in “Cul De Sac” starring The Original’s Phoebe Tonkin.
– The big news for Dina is her upcoming role on the new Amazon series “Jack Ryan” with the terrorist group ISIS to become a running theme on the show and sees her alongside John Krasinski and Abbie Cornish.
– Mara delighted audiences with her role as Susannah in Grandma’s Not A Toaster” as the shifty woman who harbors evil intentions as she schemes to steal a fortune. Look for her to spice up “Cul-de-Sac”.
– She is notable as an Oscar-winning short film producer for the 2013 short film “Curfew” which is about a drug addict’s relationship with his nine-year-old daughter. It’s delves into the heartfelt, somber moments of life.

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Laura Heisler in “4 Pounds Of Flowers”

actress laura heisler 4 pounds of flowers

– There’s an eminent group of indie starlets who are consistently a draw on the festival circuit which includes Laura Heisler who has fronted thought-provoking ones including the recent horror film “We Go On”.
– Laura will once gain be eye-catching in the dramedy “4 Pounds Of Flowers” as the lead Kayla who having scraped through life as a weed grower discovers that she’s pregnant an which jolts her into a life-changing direction.
– She’s also illuminated the small screen with dramatic verve. Most notably was her emotional role on “Elementary” as Roz, the wife of a base jumper who had his parachute rigged in a murder most foul.

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Clea Alsip in “10K”

actress clea alsip 10k

– With “Steel Magnolias” having a sold out run back in 2016, Clea Alsip is indeed a rising gem of Broadway and indie fans are going to warm up to her ebullience that has a purity many would love to cherish.
– She stars in “10K” by Neil LaBute, a multiple award winning director, screenwriter, playwright and actor who has the knack for turning stage plays into films of note. Likewise Clea is set to enthrall in this suburban mystery.
– Her enchanting body of work includes the recurring role as Viola, the lively best friend of showgirl Billie Kent (Meg Steedle) on “Boardwalk Empire” and as new bride Sarah in the tension-filled horror flick “Seclusion”

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Kerry Barker and Sarah Butler in “Megan’s Shift”

actress kerry barker megan's shift
actress chelsey hope lauren different flowers

– We love our tempting brunettes who have the endearing mix of sensuality and grace, qualities which both Kerry Barker and Sarah Butler exude. This pair of lovelies is sure to brighten up “Megan’s Shift”.
– One of the most adorable women of the indie film arena, Kerry is synonymous with being a darling on various film festivals having first caught at the eye at the Phoenix Film Fest. This week she intrigues us once more.
– Kerry has also made a beguiling impression on television having guest-starred on “Criminal Minds”, “True Detective” and “Castle”. Her heavenly disposition is ardor worthy as will be her talents as a dynamic actress.
– Sarah is most certainly in the esteemed list of screen heroines who has shone in a multiverse of genres including horror, action and drama. She is revered for her memorable work on the “I Spit On Your Grave” franchise.
– In her upcoming “Infidelity in Suburbia”, a tale of forbidden fantasies, Sarah will undeniably sizzle as Laura Halpern, the married woman who plunges into a sexual dalliance with Elliott, her hot private contractor.

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