Aynsley Bubbico

actress aynsley bubbico 24 legacy

In praise of the talented women on television who brighten up our day, here’s a tribute to the sweet Aynsley Bubbico who is merited bountiful affection. She’s guest starring on the new series “24: Legacy” as Amy, the sister of Ben Grimes, a United States Army Ranger who took part in the mission to capture terrorist mastermind Ibrahim Bin-Khalid. Unbeknownst to him, she’s already been compromised and will unfortunately suffer a tragic fate. While we may have only gotten a sliver of her on “24: Legacy”, we’re all Team Aynsley already especially since she has a recurring role on the upcoming series “Famous In Love” opposite Bella Thorne. She will appear in the later part of the Season as Orly Teicher and we would most certainly get to gaze much more at the crush-worthy Aynsley over a 3 episode arc.

I could have waited till the April premiere to feature her but bestowing her with effusive praise right now is my long-time admirable endorsement of Aynsley’s glowing facets. Her amiable charms have been gracing the small screen for years having first captivated us as the catty Laura on “Greek” and then delighting us as the perky Sadie on “Hart Of Dixie”. Along the way, she has been on “Mad Men”, “Faking It”, “Stitchers” and on the final season of “Rizzoli & Isles” playing Kate Mason who co-owns a funeral home with her brother and is suspected of murdering him. Aysnley has a way of shaping her characters into endearing women even if they sometimes exhibit a brassy spunk. It would be fitting if she had a stint on a period show such as “Z: The Beginning of Everything”; her sassy personage would spice up any era.

actress aynsley bubbico spotlight

Aynsley is also regularly making waves on the film festival circuit having entranced audiences in the dark romantic drama “Evol” at the SOHO Film Fest and the Netflix feature “Rebirth” at Tribeca. As a fetching storyteller, she’s brought substantial joy in our lives and the overflowing passion we have for her will last a lifetime.

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