Monica Engesser

actress monica engesser the covenant

Monica Engesser could well be one of the most desirable indie horror actresses in 2017 as she entices us in several chilling terror tales. She stars in “The Covenant” as Sarah Doyle who experiences a most abominable possession soon after the tragic deaths of her husband and daughter. In the tradition of spine-chilling possession films, her transformation into the festering demon within will be one of the highlights and Monica creeps us out in unnerving fashion. Monica also displays the emotional trauma of Sarah’s deeply affecting familial loss resulting in the psychotic break that allows the demonic entity to inhabit her. These elements of a damaged psyche that lead to her possession offers up another fascinating aspect of horror themes in “The Covenant” which is explored in a disquieting tension.

Kudos to Monica for enduring what must have been an exhausting shoot particularly the exorcism scenes. It’s no walk in the park when one is under mountains of latex to flesh out the demonic form and Monica’s dedication would find praise from all corners. She’s also not shying away from the demonic possession sub-genre with an upcoming role in “Possession Diaries” in a tale about a woman documenting proof of her possession daily while a webcam audience watches. She will play Madame Esmeralda which one suspects would be some sort of a fortune teller or psychic.

actress monica engesser indie darling

Indie horror fans would have seen her sizzle in “The Conduit” as Ann, a mysterious woman who is a channel for evil that spreads to other people. She also caught the eye as child psychiatrist Dr Rachel Stewart in “Krampus: The Reckoning” who is drawn to a case that has the Anti-Santa creature’s mark all over it. Her penchant for playing bizarre women onscreen is seemingly her calling and she’s been remarkable in each guise. If horror is in your blood gravitating towards the inviting horror starlet Monica Engesser is essential.

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