Kara Wang

actress kara wang jane the virgin

February is indeed a busy month as we find ourselves adoring the honeys on TV and the comely Kara Wang will find love heading her way. She is reprising her role on “Jane The Virgin” as Alice Maxwell, the assistant to Leslie (Kelly Rutherford), the head of a publishing company. Although Jane (Gina Rodriguez) stumbles on her interview with Leslie, she’s encouraged by her cousin, Catalina (Sofia Pernas) to salvage the situation by befriending Kara’s Alice. On the latest episode in Season 3, Jane accidentally sends the wrong envelope to Alice, in her words photos of “the weird naked guy” instead of the coverage manuscript Jane’s written…horror of horrors! Tune in as this week there’s quite a tragic ending too.

“Jane The Virgin” is a show that’s a beacon for diversity and we do hope Asian-American talents such as Kara get even more screen time to shine. Hey casting directors, get the ebullient Kara on “Dr Ken” and “Fresh Off The Boat”! There’s a wealth of stories to tell about the most genuine colorful people that make up our planet and both shows represent the many tenets of Eastern culture. What better than to have the winsomely beautiful Kara epitomize Asian women whose own experiences in life are richly intriguing. The TV platform is certainly the prime spot for her to gladden our hearts. Kara is also known for her commercial work for brands such as McDonalds, Walmart, and Kay’s Jewelry and most recently for Toyota which aired at the Golden Globes. We can’t wait to watch her blossom in 2017.

actress kara wang sizzling cutie

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