Sizzling Actresses To Crave @ Dam Short Film Festival 2017

Erica Rhodes in “Mulva Lends a Hand”

actress erica rhodes mulva lends a hand

– The witty effervescence of Erica Rhodes is to be adored all year round and she’s already tickled us pink in shows such as “Modern Family”, “Comedy Bang! Bang!” and “New Girl” as well as on the stand-up comedy circuit
– Don’t miss her upping the ante when it comes to hilarity in her raunchy short film “Mulva Lends A Hand” as she introduces the naughty spewing doll Mulva who has some profanely kinky words on sexual habits in bed.
– This Saturday, Erica headlines the Radford Hall Variety Show in a touching tribute to the late Carrie Fisher. Laugh and cry along with the accomplished Erica Rhodes as she pays homage to our beloved Star Wars icon!

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Allira Jaques in “Jinxed”

actress allira jaques jinxed

– Allira Jaques came into our passionate view after starring in the terrifying horror movie “Charlie’s Farm” alongside Sharknado’s Tara Reid and she also went on to have a recurring role in the hit Aussie TV series “Rake”.
– Do check her out in the fun short film “Jinxed” that’s about a young man who is unlucky in the dating world. One can fathom that she would make for a very delectable love interest.
– It’s only a matter of time before the comely Allira has her breakout role in the US. As we so often acknowledge over the years, up and coming Australian actresses have always been the luscious apple of our eyes.

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Jamie Bernadette in “Injustice For All”

actress jamie bernadette injustice for all

– Jamie Bernadette’s sterling run in the horror genre culminated with several awards for her performance in the chilling slasher with a stalker film “The 6th Friend”. 2017 is a busy year ahead for this coveted indie starlet!
– She’s all slinky as the feline temptress Catwoman in the DC Comics inspired short “Injustice For All”. Her encounter with the deranged Joker is a bloody affair as he taunts Catwoman about her relationship with Batman.
– Before we are entranced by her in the upcoming “I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu” where she stars alongside original leading lady Camille Keaton, check her out as the gorgeous Jax in “Sinbad and the War of the Furies”

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Halley Feiffer in “The Curse Of Don Scarducci”

actress halley feiffer the curse of don scarducci

– Whenever there’s a film festival happening, the glowing Halley Feiffer is often a name that impresses audiences as she has done previously in memorable films such as “It Had To Be You”, “Appropriate Behaviour” and “Glass Chin”.
– She is set to sparkle in the comedy “The Curse of Don Scarducci” as Sherrie, the moll of a mobster who discovers his intolerance to gluten. Look out for Alec Baldwin as his revenge-seeking rival.
– Halley is also a gem of a playwright which has seen her crafted a series of fascinating plays which she concocts from the personal events in her life, only blown up in darkly comical fashion.

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Hannah Leder in “Auto-Cowrecked”

actress hannah leder auto cowrecked

– In the entertaining “Auto-Cowrecked” which is about the pitfalls of technology, Hannah Leder directs and also does a cameo in the short dealing with the age-old problem of the annoying auto-correct.
– Don’t miss her as Tara, the girlfriend of the young urban professional Andy (Zach Creggar) who is going through the keypad crisis and her intricate work on her directorial debut augurs well for her emergence as a film-maker.
– Hannah’s gentle lissome attractiveness augments her talents as a comedienne which has seen her dazzle on shows such as “Bad Judge” and “Love”. She’s enraptured many a heart both on and behind the camera.

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