Hollywood Florida Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Merri Jamison

actress merri jamison hollywood florida film festival

Delightfully inviting actress/producer Merri Jamison has the engaging disposition to win over indie fans in the coming months. She’s already rocked the red carpet on the first night of the Hollywood Florida Film Fest and she’s in attendance to support the Feb 11 premiere of her film “Names On The Wall”. Merri looks so resplendent in a graceful red dress and festival-goers will be yearning to see her as the wife of a soldier who himself is faced with life choices during the Vietnam War. The appealing Merri also has several absorbingly palpable indie features lined up for our viewing pleasure.

Here’s Merri revealing juicy tidbits about her current and upcoming projects:

I played a reporter in the movie “The Second Coming of Christ” with Tom sizemore and Jason London. It’s a post apocalyptic end of the world kind of movie. That is due out this year.

Then “Natural Born Filmmakers” came along….I had done a film with Steve Oakley and his gang a few years ago called “Waiting for Dracula”. I played a Scottish vampire with a bone to pick with Dracula. It was so much fun working with steve. His gorilla type film making and constant improve throughout makes it so there is never a dull moment while filming. So when he mentioned that he was doing another film I said “I have to be involved”!!!!

I play the sister of the lead, Lindsey. In the film, she ends up at my door, yet again, with another dead beat guy and in some kind of trouble. Me being the great sister that I am take her in, even though the mob is after her. She then has a bunch of crazy dreams which all involve me killing her……talk about dysfunctional! I also did set design for 5 scenes, which is also something i really love to do!

actress merri jamison names on the wall

It’s great to see Merri alongside Natalie Burn (The Second Coming of Christ) and Lindsay Lamb (Natural Born Filmmakers) who are collectively a trio of blossoming indie darlings in their own right. In the months ahead, we’re predicting that the adorable Merri will be making waves as a film festival darling.

Do visit the Merri Jamison Official Site for all the latest updates.

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