Rebekah Graf

actress rebekah graf hawaii five-0

With this being a perpetually enthralling week on television, actress Rebekah Graf personifies divine temptation in riches this week. She guest-stars on “Hawaii Five-O” as Vanessa Lancey, a saucy hustler who runs a scheme whereby lonely guys are scammed into learning “The Method” to pick up girls. All is dandy until a disgruntled victim seeks Vanessa and her partner Blake Stone, the pick up mentor. Rebekah is potently sexy as the savvy grifter who is quite the feisty woman too. You certainly wouldn’t want her to stab you in the knee with a glass shard! Red being a celebratory color this Chinese New Year, one could well affirm Rebekah’s foxy elegance in the body-hugging crimson cocktail dress.

Recently on “Workaholics” she did play the fiery hard to get Jenny and we do adore her sexy yet spiky turns on TV. She has also appeared on the hit show “Bones” as Blake Masters, a graduate student at UVa who is a suspect in a murder case that’s tinged with European aristocracy. Once more she’s a Goddess of the screen this time in a green bikini and sporting luscious brunette locks. Her eloquent poise is crave-worthy and in my opinion her beauty would be on par with a fellow actress like “Pretty Little Liars” Ashley Benson.

actress rebekah graf spotlight

She has 2 intriguing projects in 2017 namely “#REALITYHIGH” and “Talbot County”. The first film is a Netflix high school comedy about a nerdy girl navigating the pitfalls of life and you can see her starring opposite Kate Walsh. The second film will be a favorite for horror fans as “Talbot County” explores the lycan legend of Emily Burt, the Talbot County werewolf. As one of six college kids assigned to the group project of uncovering the fable, will she and her friends survive the horrific fate in store? This Texas hottie is getting us all excited and she’s primed to mesmerize the world!

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