Cosmic Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Ann Lukens

actress ann lukens cosmic film festival 2017

There’s so much to love about the women of indie film and Ann Lukens is an enchantingly soulful talent to treasure. She is appearing as Doctor Felicia Withers in “A Father’s Love”, a tale about the strain single fathers go through during their daughter’s often complex adolescence. Ann’s Doc Felicia is the bearer of bad news towards the aforementioned conflicted dad Darren W. Conrad (Gary Bolin) whose wife dies of cancer and he’s left to tend for his daughter. With “A Father’s Love” screening at the upcoming Cosmic Film Festival, Ann’s effervescence will be most appreciated.

As will be her entrancing blue eyes which we often find persuasively tantalizing. As a host and on film, TV as well as commercials, Ann’s shimmering radiance would find fond attachment. Ann is also a certified paramedic which has seen her put the skills to good use on several movie projects. We would love to see her play a recurring role as a life saver on a show like “Chicago Fire”! Television is ideal for wonderful indie talents such as Ann to move us with their mesmerizing exposition.

actress ann lukens a father's love

She’s more than capable of handling the scope of an assortment of genres and in the next few months has a number of features to please us. Ann is a shining example of the dynamic women of independent films.

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