Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 10th February 2017

Emily Jackson in “Incarnate”

actress emily jackson incarnate

– The glowing Emily Jackson has dealt with the supernatural on screen which includes zombies and ghosts. In “Incarnate”, she takes on demons alongside Aaron Eackhart as rocker chick/tech guru Riley.
– Emily is one of the comely faces of this demonic-possession film with Carice van Houten and Catalina Sandino Moreno also in the cast. She gives her character a grounded brevity amidst the spectral elements.
– As the troubled Max Mclean in “Living With The Dead”, she enchantingly delved into the inner turmoil of a woman’s psyche after a sudden tragic loss. Emily was deservedly praised as having limitless potential.

Danielle Doetsch in “Reckoning”

actress danielle doetsch reckoning

– With the world premiere of the drama “Reckoning” this Feb 11, we will get a glimpse of the foxy Danielle Doetsch as Justine, the revenge seeking woman who exacts brutal payback on those who killed her boyfriend.
– Based on the comic book by Travis Legge and Santiago Espina, this blood soaked adaptation harks back to the days of the revenge sub-genre in exploitation films with the foxy Danielle playing such a dangerous beauty!
– Known for her work on slasher flicks such as “Dismembering Christmas” and “Bikini Girls On Ice”, she’s a genuine sweetheart of the indie horror scene and is very much a perennial crush for audiences.

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Tonya Kay and Nicole Dambro in “My Crazy Sex”

actress tonya kay my crazy sex
actress nicole dambro my crazy sex

– There is no doubt Tonya Kay and Nicole Dambro have delectably toned figures and their sex appeal has graced a variety of features. Don’t miss them in the segment “Kinky Cowboy” from the latest episode of “My Crazy Sex”.
– Tonya stars as Erin, a bride to be who gets into some hanky panky with a cowboy clad stripper. In keeping with her sassy sensuality, she’s stirring loins right, left and center as she re-enacts the most salacious moments.
– Nicole stars as Jen, one of Erin’s girlfriends who joins her on a night of debauchery albeit their reunion seemed a little strange. Do check out the talented Nicole in “Pitchfork” as she’s a burgeoning Scream Queen.

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Ayden Mayeri in “Workaholics”

actress ayden mayeri workaholics

– In the space of a few months, the beguilingly beautiful Ayden Mayeri has captivated us with luminous turns on the small screen on hit shows such as “New Girl”, “Life In Pieces”, “Faking It” and “Awkward”.
– She’s even played Amal Clooney who we now know is expecting twins with her husband George Clooney in the web series “Relevant”. Ayden does exude the exotic elegance that’s both stylish and vibrantly attractive.
– Ayden appears on “Workaholics” at the very start as Amy who is out with her friends and they are promised a good time by the irreverent trio of Blake, Adam and Anders at their self proclaimed music festival Faux-Chella.

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Corsica Wilson in “Fresh Off The Boat”

actress corsica wilson fresh off the boat

– With her guest-starring on “Fresh Off The Boat” which happens to be one of my favorite serialized comedies, the fetchingly gorgeous Corsica Wilson has always been a magnetic talent with an innocence that’s so lovable.
– Don’t miss her opposite Constance Wu as Janet, an eccentric student tour guide whom Constance’s Jessica regards as a lunatic. Spewing philosophical musings, Corsica is a welcome addition to the laugh-a-thon!
– She’s also a fixture on the festival circuit with her recent film “Show Yourself” having its world premiere at Days Of The Dead in Atlanta. In the coming months, Corsica is also set to light up the comedy scene in 2 features.

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Alex Lombard in “Frank and Lola”

actress alex lombard frank and lola

– Do look out for Alex in the psycho-sexual drama “Frank And Lola” as Carol, the stunning hostess and colleague of Chef Frank (Michael Shannon in steely mode) who gets on his nerves by putting him into awkward situations.
– She’s a sizzler on television too having appeared on “Jane The Virgin” and “Rosewood”. Next up is a guest-star role on the upcoming series “I’m Dying Up Here” which will have her alongside the acclaimed Melissa Leo.
– With her arresting, ravishing looks both on film and on the red carpet, Alex is first-rate when it comes to captivating us. “Westworld” would be a great TV franchise for Alex to revel in, be it as a host or vacationer.

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Jennifer Kincer in “Beyond The Edge (ISRA 88)”

actress jennifer kincer isra 88 beyond the edge

– We always have a soft spot for delightfully genial multi-talented entertainers such as actress/singer songwriter/voicover artist/vocal coach Jennifer Kincer whose pleasantness is a desirable trait indeed.
– She is starring as Nurse Walters in the sci-fi film “Beyond The Edge (ISRA 88)” alongside Casper Van Dien and Adrienne Barbeau in a story about a high-profile mission to reach the ends of the universe.
– Jennifer’s enthralling run in tales that threads the otherworldly confines of outer space continues with the upcoming “Moontrap Target Earth”. She’s most definitely an indie genre dazzler alongside lead Sarah Butler.

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