Tirra Dent

actress tirra dent supernatural

These next few weeks will be a boon for avid TV viewers with the advent of a bevy of beguiling women and Tirra Dent makes a bewitching impression on “Supernatural”. She guest stars as Catriona Louglin who is a powerful witch whom the Winchester Brothers seek to hopefully reverse a memory erasing spell burdened on poor Dean. Her character goes toe-to-toe with Ruth Cornell’s Rowena in a ferocious spell-casting fight seeing how they have a history of bad blood. Tirra’s all cheeky and saucy as her character taunts anyone who gets in her way. Besides Rowena, Sam (Jared Padalecki) bears the brunt of her potent dark magic. If you’re a devotee of witches on screen, don’t miss Tirra’s most entertaining portrayal.

actress tirra dent supernatural

She’s recently flourishing in the bad girl personas having also recently guest-starred on “Arrow” as a skull-wearing vigilante who has a habit of irritating the law.
Irresistibly, it was in the indie genre that Tirra first caught our attention where she’s exhibited her mettle as a leading lady. At the prestigious Leo Awards 2016, Tirra was nominated for Best Performance by a Female in a Short Drama for her gritty excellence in the thriller “Demons In The Dark”. As the vengeful prostitute BJ, she proficiently created the damaged identity of a woman’s soul steeped in torture, pain and pleasure.

actress tirra dent spotlight

Currently, her ascendancy as a strikingly, magnetic talent on television is progressing impressively. Tirra is indeed a rising Canadian actress who is fueling our addiction for vixens of the big and small screen.

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