Dam Short Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber & Rachel Amanda Bryant

actress elizabeth hirsch tauber hollywood and sunset
actress rachel amanda bryant hollywood and sunset

Two of the most luscious ladies to adorn independent cinema, Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber and Rachel Amanda Bryant will be making waves in Boulder City Nevada this weekend. They are the stars of the though provoking short film “Hollywood And Sunset” and will be in attendance at the Dam Short Film Festival. It’s a wonderful moment to see these 2 blossoming indie starlets sparkling the festival circuit in a feature that reveals the harshness of the acting industry.

In “Hollywood And Sunset”, Elizabeth plays struggling actress Audrey who in the midst of auditioning for off the wall movies involving zombie sharks contemplates her existence in the Tinseltown Rat Race. Are circumstances forcing her to consider giving it all up by quitting? It’s a truthful commentary of the pitfalls facing many actors and Elizabeth conveys the sometimes torturous journey as an entertainer with a virtuous honesty. This is the second time Elizabeth has worked with director Clinton Cornwell having been his leading lady in the must-watch romantic short “Kiss And Tell”. Come Feb 17 at the Hollywood Reel Indie Film Fest, she will also be seen in “Prettyface”, another intriguing fictional reveal about the Manson Family.

The invitingly beautiful Rachel Amanda Bryant has a supporting role in “Hollywood And Sunset” and is affectionately known as ‘The Blonde’. Exuding such serene charms, it’s no wonder she’s been enlivening film in its short form for the past few months. Having seen her feature “Dying To Live” premiering at the Cannes Short Film corner, she went to essay a captivating turn in the horror tale “Jet Set LA” which has won multiple awards and won many admirers during its film festival run. Next up for Rachel is a role in the upcoming thriller “M.F.A” about an art student turned female vigilante which will see her alongside Leah McKendrick and Breeda Wool. It premieres at the SXSW Film Fest 2017 which can only propel her into eminence.

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching where many shower their love ones with affection, a global passion drive should already be devoted towards the comely Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber and Rachel Amanda Bryant.

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