Hollywood Florida Film Festival 2017 Spotlight: Melanie Crim

actress melanie crim hollywood florida film festival

The vivacious Melanie Crim will indeed have ardent eyes on her this week. She stars in “Love And Hostages”, the closing film at the Hollywood Florida Film Fest which screens just before the Awards ceremony. In this female-fronted ensemble comedy, Melanie is an eye-catching cutie among a sea of beauties alongside leading lady Natalie Stavola and Jill-Michele Melean who regularly graces this blog. Championing engaging indie actresses is a constant joy and Melanie is to be adored for her dedication in the genre. She has a propensity to play against type and stretching her range on screen.

In “Love And Hostages”, she looks luminously ravishing as Denise Flowers, the bride to be whose wedding plans might just experience a hitch or two. Melanie dazzles in a film that’s so well-timed for the hopeless romantics in view of Valentine’s Day. Spontaneous love is such fertile material for a rom-com and “Love And Hostages” refreshingly broadens the adage that opposites do attract.

actress melanie crim love and hostages

Attraction is veritably an acknowledgement of how indie fans could soon be cherishing the gorgeous Melanie. We do hope she’ll be an enchanter of independent movies for years to come.

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