Boston Sci Fi Film Fest 2017 Spotlight: Anna Shields

actress anna shields boston sci fi film fest 2017

Comeliness is an endearing trait Anna Shields has in abundance and at this year’s Boston Sci-Fi Film Fest, she’ll effortlessly charm festival attendees. She stars in “The Tomorrow Paradox”, an intriguing mix of time travel and dream-like escapade as we see a young insomniac’s black-market sleep aid plunges him one day forward into the future. As Gretchen, Anna adorns the film with her enigmatic ubiquity as seen in the trailer (above) and summarily piques our interest.

She is notable for her best actress award winning leading role in “Little Bi Peep” as the salacious bisexual Emma who also happens to be a sex toy peddler. Just on this indie gem, her artfulness is evident as Anna is the screenwriter, co-director, co-producer as well as the film’s star. Till today, it’s one of the superlative performances in an indie feature that’s laced with engrossing black humor. This April, catch her going into ever darker territory as she stars alongside indie horror fav Natalie Burn in the horror flick “The Executioners” which sees four girls on vacation who suddenly find themselves subjected to unimaginable terrors.

actress anna shields the tomorrow paradox

Audiences will soon be besotted with the lovely Anna and seeing how she’s stealing numerous hearts on the festival circuit, her mesmeric gloss is to be treasured.

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