Erica Deutschman

actress erica deutschman shadowhunters

Our love affair with Canada’s most enticing talents extends with the exquisite Erica Deustchman vamping it up on TV this week. She has a recurring role as the slinky leather clad vampire Eloise on “Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments” who looks to enter into an alliance with Isabelle Lightwood (Emeraude Toubia). We can’t wait to see how this uneasy affiliation pans out knowing the history of the Nephilim and the vampire clans. With Erica’s charismatic sensuality, can we trust that her character Eloise won’t renege on the Nephilim/Vamp collusion? Don’t miss next week’s episode to find out!

Incidentally, she also appeared on another vampire-themed series “Being Human” as Beth who terrifies brooding bloodsucker in a ghostly threesome. This after being killed by him in a grisly blood-soaked orgy. That’s the second time she’s been in a threesome onscreen having previously cavorted with femme fatale Anna Silk and another sexy girl in her guise as a milkmaid on “Lost Girl”. Erica also guest-starred on “American Gothic” as the younger version of as Alison Hawthorne (Juliet Rylance) the eldest sister of the family in the running as mayor who happens to also be a promiscuous bisexual. With her enthralling presence on the small screen, we can’t wait to be entertained by her in the upcoming 5th Season of “Saving Hope” opposite Erica Durance.

actress erica deutschman rising starlet

This is Valentine’s Day week after all and what better than to shower Erica with avid love. Red is the color of ardor in February and Erica is ravishing in scarlet (see her pic above) as she will definitely be in any color. As she sinks her teeth (she does currently play a Vamp on TV) into an array of roles, we’re amorous of her pleasing allure.

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