Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Oxford Film Festival 2017

Sherri Eakin in “Don’t Come Around Here” and “The Atoning”

actress sherri eakin don't come around here

– With 2 films premiering at this year’s Oxford Film Fest, Sherri Eakin is the Indie Goddess to be coveted especially since she’s also impeccable in a wealth of intriguing features and short films spanning a multitude of genres.
– She’s the seductive semblance of “Don’t Come Around Here” as the sultry Joan and is part of the cast of the atmospheric horror film “The Atoning” that will sent plenty of chills down our spine.
– We’ll be thoroughly addicted to Sherri as she appears in films such as the killer croc flick “Freshwater”, the action drama “Tangled Web” and crime thriller “The Hollow” as well as short films “The Last Fare” and “Cattle Call”.

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Casey Dillard in “Tinker”

actress casey dillard tinker

– Representative of the generation of artists who shine both on and behind the camera, the lissome Casey Dillard coveys the inner senses of the women she essays on screen with such genuine decorum.
– She stars in the dramedy “Tinker” about a luckless inventor who just can’t catch a break. The spirited humor and humanistic drama is testament to Casey’s and co-writer/director Glenn Payne stirring storytelling.
– Certainly long-time collaborators Casey and Glenn have given us intriguing narratives that are deserving of merit as can be seen in the short film “A Mutual Friend” and the vividly arousing indie sci-fi thriller “Earthrise”.

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Katie Maguire in “Gold Star”

actress katie maguire gold star

– Festival-goers will be in awe of awards-laden actress, writer and producer Katie Maguire who is pleasantly making waves in the industry with her finesse in bringing stories from a female perspective to audiences.
– Not only does she play a doctor in “Gold Star” which stars the great Robert Vaughn who recently passed, she’s also the producer of this existential drama of a young dropout (Victoria Negri) who is facing life’s struggles.
– I’ve been blessed to get an interview with her where she talks about her range of projects and her role preferences. She’s a creative, multi-faceted performer having fronted the award winning web-series LI Divas.

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Caroline Macey in “Move Me”

actress caroline macey move me

– Whenever there’s a film festival around your area, rest assured the effervescent Caroline Macey will warm numerous hearts. Her adorable radiance is effortless in its attraction as are her many captivating facets.
– She’s enchanted us as some of the kookiest personalities and in the off-the-wall comedy “Move Me”, Caroline is a picture of vibrant delight as Penny, who finds the strange man who can only move when touched!
– In the comedy series “The Exes”, she was eye-catching in the very first scene as Wayne Knight’s spiritual bohemian masseuse Star. Coincidentally she’s slated to charm us in an upcoming film called “Starf*cker”!

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Anne Leighton in “The Hybrids Family”

actress anne leighton the hybrids family

– It’s fitting that the ravishing Anne Leighton is the enticing leading lady of the supernatural comedy “The Hybrids Family” as the sexy witch Valantina whose children are the world’s first vampire/witch hybrids.
– With the premise on such a dysfunctional family, it’s fertile ground for Anne to beguile viewers as she has done on indie films as well as TV shows most notably in the role of the lion-like Wesen Rachel Wood on “Grimm”.
– Last year, she guest-starred on “Lucifer” as the villainous Lily who gets into fisticuffs with Lauren German’s homicide detective Chloe Decker, affirming why she’s so desirable playing either good or evil.

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Rachel Staman in “Folk Hero And Funny Guy”

actress rachel staman folk hero and funny guy

– Funny women are widely celebrated for their ingenuity in making us laugh and with her recent features “Pop Music” and “Folk Hero & Funny Guy” having a great run on various film festivals, we can’t stop adoring her.
– She has also glowingly impressed in the sleeper hit comedy “Dependent’s Day” as Ann, the co-worker of romantic lead Benita Robledo’s Alice Rivera. The vivacious brashness she instills in her roles is so lovable.
– A wearer of many hats which include being a writer and producer, the accomplished Rachel is illustrating why women in comedy will always be entrenched in affection. Her likable appeal is enviable indeed.

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