Ellen Dubin

actress ellen dubin mary kills people

In this addictive cycle of TV shows worthy of binge-watching and film festival fever, there is one constant which is to exalt the sensation that is Ellen Dubin. Canada’s enchantress of notably mesmerizing onscreen work appears as in her recurring role as the officious Ellen Dunbrook on the riveting mini-series “Mary Kills People” which stars Caroline Dhavernas who is an angel of mercy. Having been introduced to her character in Episode 3, she returns this week in scenes with Annie (Grace Lynn Kung), a friend and colleague of Mary who works at the same hospital. Is she closer to uncovering the secret that Mary is hiding?

Here’s an exclusive scoop from Ellen about her on-set experiences working on “Mary Kills People” and her thoughts about leading lady Caroline Dhavernas:

Caroline is a fantastic actress. We actually do the first scene for shot of the day together. First shot of the whole shoot. So I felt a huge responsibility to set the tone with her of the show. She is a wonderful woman beautiful inside and out. First shot of the whole miniseries, I was as sick as a dog at 102° fever and I could barely speak I don’t even remember what happened. But we got through it together. She is so real and so down to earth.

I worked with the director Holly Dale on my series “The Collector”. I adore her for being such an imaginative director.

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Seeing how Holly is also the director on several episodes of the hit series “Reign”, it would be sheer delight if Ellen has a stint on the show. I’m sure the divine Ellen will a guilty pleasure in the period piece of romantic liaisons during the era of Mary Queen Of Scots. After all, the CW series is filmed in Toronto, Canada where Ellen is a resident. Fans of “Murdoch Mysteries” would have caught a glimpse of her in the Christmas episode so we know she can dazzle in a historical era.

She is also slated to guest-star on Katie Uhlmann’s upcoming web series “My Roommates An Escort”. She will also continue to entice us on the festival circuit with her appearance in the political thriller “The Red Maple Leaf” which screens on Feb 23 at this year’s Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival. I also just discovered Ellen was quite the vixen as the mistress of Armand Assante’s mobster character in the horror film “Sicilian Vampire” (see clip above). Those luscious curves makes her a screen temptation and the often affectionaly mentioned ‘Thinking Man’s Sex Symbol’. This Actress Obsession Blog is the perfect platform to show our devotion for the breath-taking Ellen Dubin.

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  1. Thank you so much for your wonderful tribute. You always surprise me with your amazing support and fabulous writing, I so appreciate your support of working actresses. Thanks again!!!

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